Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

What’s in it for me?… NO What’s in it for YOU?

Dear Entrepeneur’s from all walks of life…

I am reaching out to anyone online who may (or may not be looking for an Affiliate Marketing Business.   

IF you are happy with your current Opportunity, if by any chance you ever decide to look for a second (or even third Stream of Income Online) feel free to Bookmark my website  I’ll be here!

This Business is NOT about me, it’s totally about YOU!

How can you Succeed in Network Marketing with our Company?

I will be here with you walking you through each step necessary to Succeed.

Well I’ll explain… It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been in this field, or how much I’ve made, all that does matter is getting you to reach a goal, YOUR Financial Goal. I can Help you with that. 

Just lend me your eyes and ears till you get the hang and scope of our training, it’s very specific and in depth as to what is needed for you to start seeing commissions coming in.

It’s Very easy and if by chance you don’t understand something or need clarification I am either just a phone call or email away!

Now you may ask what if I have never done Network Marketing before? Well that’s okay we have hundreds, if not thousands of articles and Forum Posts that will teach you what you can do to reach your goals. 

OH and i’ll be right by your side, holding your hand, guiding you towards Success till you Succeed! I have trained tons of other fellow Affiliates, and I have been here a long time and I’m NOT GOING ANYWHERE! 

I Absolutely love our Company and all of the fringe benefits built into our program.

Worried about spending money you don’t have?  NO Problem, the simple fact is you don’t have to, if you don’t want to, plain and simple, You Can “Earn While You Learn.”

You can Learn how to get other people to become your Customers and generate sales from them, they don’t have to join as an Affiliate (although they may want to, in the future), and they can buy what they want anytime they want.  

Seasoned Professionals looking for a second (or third) Stream to add to your portfolio? I got your back too. You can earn unlimited upfront  and great long-term residual Commissions!

Look at my amazing new Stream of Income (Our 7th Stream and really it IS my personal Favorite to sell, to any Business Online Ever {It’s universal, all Business Owners will want this!})

There are literally thousands of different products available to buy or sell within our Company, I have something for everyone, but the newest one, is awesome!

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Thank you for your time.

I Sincerely wish you the best in all your ventures even if this one isn’t the right one for you.

Robert Pugliese Jr AKA rjpjrblue


Disclaimer: Amanda and Robert are not responsible for the actions of any of the companies I advertise for. I don’t guarantee earnings from any of the opportunities offered here. I strive to give you only the best, legitimate work from home opportunities. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the specific company in question.


Most of the links on this site compensate me when a product is purchased. There is no additional cost to you, but this helps pay for the cost associated with running this Business. Thank you.


I am prohibited from publicly disclosing my own earnings in SFI because no one person’s income is typical–but it does show what is possible with time, your efforts, and dedication to YOUR Business. What you earn as an SFI Affiliate is Totally determined by your own personal efforts. IF you are Active and start to build a Team of Active Affiliates under you, you will do Great. We do not guarantee that you will earn any amount of money or any income at all from the promotion of our Program. You are a contractor, not employed by SFI, a commission is earned for referring the sale of retail products or services. We provide the detailed training that has led to thousands of Affiliates earning a real income, but your ability and willingness to follow the training, and the amount of time and/or money you invest in YOUR Business, will determine your success NOT SFI.