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Success Stories From SFI

My first headline success story is from a Friend on Facebook and a great Leader in SFI he is NOT on my Team, But his story is worth sharing I have Known Melvin for over 1 year and his Team just keeps Growing
From the Desk of Melvin Banzuela Vibar
10 hrs ago via Facebook ·
Today is my third year anniversary in SFI . Special thanks to my Sponsor, Mr Scott Laing , from Canada for posting that ads that led me to join this awesome opportunity and to thousands of Team Leaders and Affiliate around the world who help me achieved my GOAL by building their own SFI business . And Thank you SFI for helping millions of people around the world achieved their dreams . . . . .To my Filipino Team member’s, this is the proof that you are looking for . In SFI we do not promise big income but if we will work together we can help each other change our lives . . . Working abroad is not the only way to earn substantial income, we can earn dollars while enjoying our life with our family . . . . .
  sfi_Melvin3yrs     My Second success Story is from a great Friend both from Facebook and SFI. I have Known Boris for over 2 years now and his Team just keeps growing! This was a Post in our Forum on June 23rd 2014 by one of my great friends with SFI! Wow, although it is programmed feature, it’s nice to see it 😆 My 2 years in SFI! Today! Made me thinking, was I the best I could be? I think no, many things could be done better ( Sorry “Boss” I know you’ve spent a lot of sugar to sweeten your Sunday morning coffees, bitter due to me, but look – You’ve made it! 😀 ) My GEN report say what I was doing that 2 years, so I can have such a wonderful view today! MANY Senior members of this Forum, I will certainly miss to name some, but I must mention Darrell, Erich, Hall, Elmarc. Beside of course, our President Gery! I’ve learned from you a lot thank you so much! Was some ups and downs, was some bad decisions beside good ones, but all in all, this proves that SFI really works! I admit, wasn’t *easy* but it’s possible if you stick with it! Soon I will transfer my account to my oldest son, as soon as he become of the legal age to run his business, 18 in my country. He will has to read and learn here A LOT of valuable lessons, not only regarding SFI, but also on general business subjects, entrepreneurship, and people. So, don’t expect from him much at least for a while 😆 What about me? I would be focused back on what I was doing before SFI – Internet Marketing Coaching. That’s my passion, and that’s my mission: to help people from this region to make it online! SFI and TripleClicks would stay on top of my recommendation to anyone who ask me how to make a real income online. By far, the best program I ever was involved! On June 23 2012. I was “the only member of my team” looking for go getters. Today, I see 500 Team Leaders in my downline: I know that you will succeed and make even more than I ever made here! KEEP ROCKING PEOPLE!Boris's 2 year Anniversary Boris and Melvin both have an active team and has been here over 3 years, (took them about 20 months to quit their full-time J.O.B.)  but by their average VP* per month (2.5+ Million{Boris} and 3.5+ Million {Melvin}) and the number of ACTIVE EA2’s & Team Leaders they have, the numbers add right up easily. Also because these screenshots do not include all of the sales these Team Leaders and their teams makes monthly it is assumed that all team leaders and EA2’s in their teams make at least 1,500 VP’s* worth of purchases, or free qualifications, EVERY month which is at minimum $7.95 for 125 TCredits (that they earn off each sale to their team members) the earnings are harder to determine without knowing the sales ledger information. BUT, you can still do some of the the math for yourself just divide the total VP from the third column by 1,500 to get their “average” number of EA2’s and Team Leaders app.1,720 (2,356 for Melvin) then times that by at least $7.95 for every EA2 or Team Leader (That makes a Purchase) then you add the total “personal” VP 13,644 (12,756 for Melvin)but by my estimates they brings enough money home EVERY MONTH to more than cover every bill and plenty more to spend as they wish! Boris will have been with SFI 3 Years in June 2015 and Melvin’s 3 year Anniversary is May 2015 and their teams just keeps growing ! (Right now Boris transferred HIS Business to his son. Boris is now back involved in other internet marketing coaching, from my understanding that is his passion to help others achieve their goals) *VP (VersaPoints) pays Approximately $0.0005 per VP – accumulated just by yourself the most you will accumulate is about 1,500-2,500 VP let me teach you how to build you a team of Affiliates! Team work is spelled, Together Everyone Achieves More! Sometimes People say “It takes money to make money” Well that is sometimes true. But with SFI there is no obligation at all to make even the smallest of purchases. Yes a meer $36.25 WILL Allow you to reach Executive Affiliate ( our Second level) FASTER but NOT by any means REQUIRED! YOUR Business can and has been done for FREE and has been shown and proven to work even for the Novice! Does this post make you want to earn a GREAT Income in UNDER 2 YEARS then please visit my link and lets start building your team of Affiliates who also will want to be earning a GREAT Commission Check EVERY Month!! Don’t Wait Another Minute! Sign Up For SFI Today! I WILL See you at the TOP!! Please visit: thank you for reading my blog Sincerely Robert & Amanda]]>

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