Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Have you taken the opportunity to start work on your new online business yet?

7 years ago I was in the same position as you.

I had just signed up thinking this was just going to be another get rich quick scam. But I desperately wanted to make a residual income online so I was signing up to different programs every week.

7 years later I am still here and I have stopped looking at other programs.

Two things impressed my about this program.

1. The length of time they have been doing this. 22 years online and over 35 years offline. Scams don’t stay around that long.
2. They don’t promise you will be rich overnight. In fact they recommend a time frame of 2 years or so, if you follow their 3 step plan.

They have credibility and set realistic time frames.

If you want to be rich overnight, rob a bank and suffer the consequences.

If you want to make an ongoing income online then this really is your best opportunity.

I have an analogy for you.

Take a knife and a scoop of butter (as though you were going to butter a slice of bread)
Now instead of buttering that slice of bread, butter every slice in the loaf.
How far did that scoop of butter go?
Did every slice get buttered evenly?
Could you taste or even see the butter on the last slice?

That butter is your effort.
Use that effort on one slice and taste your rewards.
Or spread it so thin over many slices and it will be useless.

Not everyone will stay the distance and work this program. Many will wander off to the next ‘slice’ that promises riches. I understand this. All I would like to say is “pick one slice and put all your effort into it”. If this program is not “your slice” then so be it. But pick something and stick with it, work it, ask questions, otherwise you will go through a lot of loaves and eat a lot of dry bread.

Opportunity only knocks once, are you going to wait for someone else to open the door?

original author with my edits: Mick J. an SFI Affiliate