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Hello Friends I Really enjoyed Terri Pattio’s Press Release about her Earning The IBO FMOTD on April 30, 2015 so much so when I became FMOTD today I edited it which I thought was enough But I guess I did not do very good so I am posting her original Press Release here in her honor please feel free to make a comment on her websites please go here Thank You for understanding Sincere Apologies, Robert

It has been a great and wonderful day at IBOtoolbox. Today May 09, 2015 I am the Featured Member today and this is a very exciting time for me, My 2nd time! The last was in February 2015.
I want to give a shout out to all the people who have congratulated me on my status today. I am thankful and grateful to be in this awesome platform that does so much for business owners to succeed in their business.
IBOtoolbox is a business platform that works and gives us the tools to brand our name online. When you learn to utilize this  platform to it’s fullest, there is no way you can’t succeed. I have been a member in the IBO community since October 2012 and I can say without a doubt that it works in every way. IF you are not a member yet feel free to sign up today  please click here  It’s FREE to Join
Every thing you do on IBO will give you personal branding, targeted traffic from the search engines, massive exposure and advertising using the IBO system. You can generate leads to grow your business and income. Most importantly you can connect with professional business associates and get to know them. This is how you can have those long lasting relationships and this is the key to having a successful business.
In order for a business to succeed, you need customers and business partners. This is where IBO comes in for you.
I love the IBO community because there is no negativity here. We’re working together by keeping the IBO spirit alive and real. I love helping people by giving them the skills and training they need to succeed online. I do this for free. I will be your personal Coach In SFI to help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. I will never ask you for any money. That is not my Method, I have no agenda other than YOUR Success! This means the more people I can help, the more I will be successful too.
I want to help you Succeed and recommend that you sign up for my Free Internet Marketing Business SFI
I will meet with you on the phone, this is a Great way to start your Business & so I can get to know you better and determine what kind of goals you need for YOUR Business that you have in mind. This is how I run MY Business and by doing it this way I have been somewhat successful online. You can find my number on my profile (I do not have international calling so you will have to call me with your name and where you say this Press Release as well as a time you will try and call back in Easteren Standard Time (New York Time Zone)
I am always available either online or by phone if you call me and I do not pick up please leave your name and a good time to call you back as well as saying you either signed up for SFI or saw this Press Release on IBO because I get junk calls all of the time and I screen my calls too. you can also Email me at [email protected]
You can follow me on Twitter
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or follow me at LinkedIn
Again Thank you IBO Admin for selecting me as ther FMOTD and to ALL of my fellow Marketers who support me and IBO Every day
Have a Great day and I look forward to talking with you soon
Sincerely Robert