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Hello Fellow Friends,


First I would like to thank you for taking a moment of your time to read this important Press Release

I know many people have seen the name SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group, but they have not really explored what SFI is all about and what they can offer them in terms of long-term residual and Leveraged income and sales commissions.

SFI has been Online generating over $1 Million in commissions to our Affiliates for the last 20 Years and in offline Marketing and Sales Generation since 1985!

I am issuing a 45 Day Challenge to anyone that is interested in building a new income stream. This Challenge is for 45 Days, and NO MONEY is required. What I get from you: *A Potential Team Leader, making money because YOU are making money for yourself! *A potential friend for life. ————————————————————————————————– What you get: *My full support in answering any and all questions and if I do not have an answer I WILL get it *Articles and tips for generating sales at TripleClicks and the Zing Network of websites *Tutorials and follow-up advice to attract new Affiliates and Zing Network Members and Learn how to mentor your team. *Getting Started Training *General in-depth tips and how-to Guide‘s for getting started with YOUR SFI Business. *The ABSOLUTE most vital parts of your SFI Business that when followed, brings success to you *Articles and reports from around the Internet you should be reading. *A great tutorial for referring R-ECAs, including example letters, scripts, and more. *How to start and run a profitable Online Business, Starting Today. (Professional Instruction) *Valuable insights, tips, shortcuts, and more from fellow SFI Affiliates, your Upline Support, and of course me. *SFI President and Founder, Gery Carson, answers your “big picture” questions. *An all-inclusive Forum *Support Desk from SFI thats the best I’ve seen. *Leadership Page Manager  *The latest SFI news, announcements, and special alerts *SFI’s international superstores, TripleClicks and Rewardicals, featuring 80,000+ products and services, with hundreds more being added weekly to buy and sell, including collectibles, closeouts, hard-to-find items, daily “deal of the day” bargains, and much more. Including a Great place to Bid in Penny Auctions and Play for free any of our Challenging Eager Zebra Games including a friends Challenge and Starting A league! Compete with your friends for fun, bragging rights, and prizes! Plus, you get your own league website with your own leader-board, live chat board, and more. All FREE! *Benefits Chart  *Compensation Plan  *Earnings Optimization Report  *Earnings Calculator  *Commissions Report  *Commissions/Getting Paid FAQs  *SFI offers several ways to receive your commissions. Choose or modify the way you wish to receive your commissions *Free Marketing Aids *92 Marketing Methods *Sitemap  *Contests  *TeamMail  *Hit Tracking  To recap, You pay you NOTHING to join. There are NO HIDDEN FEE’S or AUTO-SHIPS (unless you choose too, when you are ready.) Work the Launch-Pad, the Daily To-Do List tasks (Takes a very short amount of time), and at the end of 45 days you make a well-informed decision to stay, or opt out. (If you opt out you will not be contacted by me or SFI.

SFI takes SPAM very seriously, and respects your privacy.)

As a bonus, if you complete 1500 VP and become an Executive Affiliate (Very easy to accomplish in the first 30 days or less) I will send you 5 Valuable Personally Sponsored Affiliates to help you reach Bronze Team Leader a bit Faster, at no cost to you! NO RISK – NO OBLIGATION Opt-out at any time (But those that are seeing Commissions EVERY Month NEVER do, EVER, and I’ve been an Affiliate since September 26 of 2012! Let’s get started TODAY at Talk with you Soon!

When it comes to Network Marketing I think that most people that fear investing in their Business the main concern is the fear of losing money to a scammer I try to reassure my Personal Team, that SFI would NOT be in Business for over 20+ Years online, and in the Network Marketing Field since 1985 IF it was a scam?

I stand here Honored with our SFI Business and say SFI is not a Scam, and SFI is a real genuine Business Opportunity, But one that is NOT Given to you on a Silver Platter You actually Have to WORK on YOUR Business by placing ads online and supporting your Team. We have been Members of SFI for 6 Years.

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Thank You for your time in reading this Press Release! Sincerely Robert