Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

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  SFI the Company where I Have Earned so Much over the last few Years, has been adding new things to our Portfolio of Simple ways to Earn Commissions. Also there has been an amazing Growth of our Company in the last Year and I want to help anyone willing to put in 2 hours a day to set up YOUR Business Online and benefit from the rise in popularity of Internet (Home-Based) Businesses! We offer one of the best Extensive FREE Training Programs Bar None, that I have ever been a Part of. I will walk you by the hand through either phone chats (if you are in the USA) or if you prefer.. online through Skype By the way just in case you don’t know me, my name is Robert Pugliese Jr and my sister Amanda does the financing for our Business. My sister Amanda and I are Silver Team Leaders (Nearly Gold) and we have been with SFI and TripleClicks going on 6 years now. We get paid every month on the 15th for the prior months sales and marketing activities. SFI has been online nearly 21 years and is a growing stable company. Our Parent Company, Carson Services,Inc has been in the Network Marketing Business since 1985. This is actually my second time joining SFI I was a member back in 2002 when they only had 1 or 2 products sold, only in the US. and SFI has seen a ton of Great Improvements over the last 16 years. Gery and his team are going to make SFI The number 1 Affiliate Program online, EVER! Truth is SFI is the place I made my first Real money online. I left like many before me for the desire for “Quick Cash”. I went out and went from Program to Program like many others in search of the “get rich Quick” (SCAMS.) I made very little money but nothing like I thought I would overnight. I eventually made my way back to SFI 10 years later it is a totally Amazing program and it just keeps getting better every day! . I really Enjoy this Business and you will too. In all there are 6 streams of income in the SFI Affiliate program of which I employ 5 of them and love the new Designated Diamonds program. Designated Diamond is when we (Individually) achieve Bronze Team Leader (with 3,000 VersaPoints) and is Helping ourselves Build our Teams by Buying (for $55.00) The Builder Bundle* (Monthly) and is dedicated to growing their business! Each Team can only have a total of 5 Designated Diamonds, so these positions are for ELITE Referrals only. I have 3 out of 5 Designated Diamond’s as of this writing. Once I have 5 I will be sending all of my own newly joined members to them to help our Team Grow! Right now I am sharing 50% of all my new referrals with these 3. Note… you do NOT Have to buy the Builder Bundle, but it will help you to achieve your Financial Goals, I.E. my ultimate Goal (Financially) is to pay off all of my debt (some has been paid off so far but I have a lot of old debts, some dating back 15 years.) Then help my Sister buy a new home, cash in hand. After that I will move out of Florida to North Carolina (somewhere in the Mountains) with a stream and a great view, I would move my Parents, my younger Brother, and our Aunt there as well. * The Builder Bundle Includes:   The auto-delivered Builder Bundle includes the following items: * An EA-qualifying 1500 VP! * 100 Mighty TCredits to Bid in our PriceBender Penny Auctions or to play any of our wonderful games that require a TCredit to be spent (MOST are FREE!) * 20 fresh PSAs and CSAs (8 PSAs and 12 CSAs) to continually infuse your group with growth and momentum! * 350 Rewardical tokens! By building an Active Team under you you can earn these for free every month! (I have over 11,000 so far since January when the Rewardical Program Started! Rewardicals are basically a form of E-Currency that can be exchanged for any number of things Including BitCoins, Silver Ingots, more Personally Sponsored PSA’s or CSA’s, Gift Certificates to our TripleClicks Store, plus more is in the works to be added to the Reward Center! * A prestigious new badge that comes with 500 Badge Quest points! NOTE: Your Builder Bundle CSAs will be assigned to you immediately. Your Builder Bundle PSAs will begin to arrive the month following your purchase. By setting your Builder Bundle for monthly auto-delivery, you’ll get a FURTHER discounted price… Together, that’s a $113 value for only $55 (just $1.81 a day)! What are some other facts that prove SFI is a Great Company for us? → 20+ years in business online. → Carson Services Inc of Lincoln Nebraska has been in the Affiliate/Network Marketing field for 32+ years and is the parent company of the founders Gery and Bonnie Carson. →  Over One million Affiliates. → 8+ Million TripleClicks Members → Millions in sales. → Millions paid in affiliate commissions on time every time. → Excellent direct support from me and your extended upline and a peer network like no other. → 5 x 5 Team Building system. Sponsor 5 Active Affiliates then you can help them get their Team Setup with an optional Spillover program the same way I will help you Build your Team. → A Solid training program that is second to none. → No forced purchases of any type ever. → Millions of Satisfied Affiliates including me. → No Forced Pyramid Scheme → No need to pay to Earn. → Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and I will give you your first 5 PSA’s from my team so that you can easily become BTL in your FIRST Month!

  Join For Free Today   Have a Great Week Ahead! Sincerely, Robert]]>