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Hello Friends! IF you want an excellent opportunity to join the #1 online Business today than this is for you! Here I explain in detail the benefits of SFI and what it takes to become a success. As with any Business it wil take time to build your Business up to a acceptable level (Typically 2-6 months)

If there is something you would be free to be called the golden nugget of the Internet, it would undoubtedly be SFI Marketing Group!
SFI is an abbreviation of the company Strong Future International. I say this not only because of the earning potential is undeniable but that SFI is a GREAT company that I work closely with & has been on the internet since 1998, which has extensive evidence in being a LEGAL Online Business, has a huge reputation, which is always been recorded as the number 1 Home Based Business has only increased in Profits and never operated at a loss …
SFI has another exceptional value, and this is a phenomenal rate of Internet Marketing Training that all members (Affiliates) receive FREE!  SFI wants to help you be a better entrepreneur and earn more.
All the company is trying to do is help their Affiliates make money, but the question is how much of  that are really successful. I believe that you will be delighted with every sentence you will have read in 70+ lessons you get! (and GROWING Monthly) Beware, over 70 lessons, which are carefully designed and written, from a total novice to connoisseur level – solid internet marketing done right.
Until you look closely, you will not believe. Registering at SFI is completely free and therefore there is no excuse for someone to not take advantage of this great opportunity to learn a lot, and it really easy and fun way.
Before explanations about the earning potential with SFI, one question: Does SFI have some serious drawbacks? Frankly, it would be difficult to find any flaw in addition to “conditional defects” that are not as disadvantages of this program, but of individuals, while primarily referring to knowledge of the English language. All of SFI is written in simple English language and that everyone who does an average job of speaking English can easily understand. Another “flaw” is a must. You MUST read, “Readers are Leaders”. For some people, it’s hard, but if you want to achieve something, you have to have some background knowledge. What is your desire for success in life and what are your profit goals (are they realistic), the more you try to read anything you can get your hands on the more you desire to earn a Residual Income! Even more so in that SFI the reading is simply AWESOME! There is so much FREE Information at our website it is unbelievable!  On the other hand, those who’s desire or need is not strong enough, you will always find excuses like “I do not have time.”
It is clear that the long-term and stable revenues from Internet operations is NOT there without a solid knowledge of the matter. There are various programs that are jokingly referred to as “click and earn”, because they “allow a profit”, almost without any knowledge of Internet marketing. Although some will even donate $10 or so, as a starting investment, it all boils down to the fact that you will then HAVE TO invest some money. The more money invested, the more you earn, portion of the profits that the company gives you. The point of all this is that someone else knows your money and you take advantage of it back with interest. Such programs are slang called “hype” and typically do not last long. It’s so easy, no matter what the intentions of the founders. Pretty much resembles a pyramid scheme, which some are, but from the point of questionable legality, and thus the end.
In other words – someone will eventually take your shirt when it comes to making money with these “hype” Programs. And here we come back to the point – if you’re in the largest group of people who do not know about Network Marketing, now’s your chance to finally get up to speed with SFI to change and to finally master many of the concepts and skills of having an internet business in order to achieve a much more long-term, stable and certainly more honest earnings but from the “hype” programs in which greater earning money actually only those who already have it, because they can invest in the business.
In every job you have to invest something. If not money, then it’s time. But time is money only if you have knowledge; otherwise your time invested is a waste of time. SFI gives you plenty of time to “mature”, to learn. Of course, without an hour or two daily with SFI nothing will change in particular. But with those two hours a day it WILL Indeed Change! And it is the right order: first learn, then invest the time and then to invest time resulted in Earning a GREAT Commission From HOME! Because when you know what to do and understand why you’re doing it, this work is efficient and becomes Easy to understand.
Each member of the SFI gets a step-by-step training. Every day you will receive one lesson. Of course, you can all go faster. In fact, at the end of each lesson (ie. LaunchPad) there is one question. If you give the correct answer, you get 15 points. Too many use it to collect 450 points to speed as Launchpad has 30 lessons that run across in one day. The first status – EA – Executive Affiliate, is supplied with 1,500 points (or more) that can be collected in many ways for an hour or two after you register. Therefore, skipping lessons just to collect points is not a good practice because you will not know how to collect the following months 1,500 points. There are countless ways to earn free not only 1,500 points, but much more each month. Everything is nicely explained in the lessons, but should be carefully reading them. They are very short, often humorously written, and extremely helpful!
What is the business idea of SFI? Or, in other words – WHERE AND HOW SFI creates you money?
 As part of SFI’s online store called TripleClicks. You will find over 80,000+ items. There are also Electronics as well as digital downloads to help you master your marketing skills. Offers come from over 203 different countries around the world! As an SFI Affiliate you get a great opportunity to promote “the whole shop” or just items that you like (cars, cell phones, computers, books etc…) and to make a phenomenal 45% of the profit that SFI achieves. What could be better? Someone else (SFI) maintains and operates online store (shop), someone else takes care of the collection (over 50 different payment methods available to customers!), Someone else takes care of delivery, possible complaints, etc., As an Affiliate who they share almost half their earnings Is there anything anywhere that does that? They are at SFI!
You will receive (choose) one of the many banners that will advertise Tripleclicks internet store / shop. If you do not have your own website where you can set up an advertising banner, no problem – you get a bunch of ready-made texts with already built-in to your personal Affiliate  (aka the membership cooperative) Links, which you can post on Facebook, Twitter, various ad groups, web sites for free advertising, you can send someone an Email etc.
As an SFI affiliate (member / associate) you get:
16 methods for total beginners to promote TripleClicks shop, with explanations how and what, 7 methods for advanced and expert (9 methods), all of which you can retrieve from your virtual office SFI’s (back office) you receive immediately after you register for free. Most of these methods are completely free! Also, SFI has a nice style, everything is beautifully explained! So just that alone is worthwhile.
Any Sales you make from someone whom you sent to TripleClicks you receive 45% of the money earned by SFI! Every time that “someone” buys anything, anytime, anywhere – you still Generate 45% commission!
TripleClicks has over 80,000+ items on offer, delivery is possible in more than 200 countries, supporting over 50 payment methods – so what do you think –  so can you make money? YES you can!
All you have to do is register as a FREE Affiliate with my team and SFI! On our TripleClicks shop you can find both new and used items – OUR “World’s Largest” Garage sale.
As an SFI affiliate YOU can be a salesman! SFI has hundreds of thousands of partners around the world! SFI’s online shop will soon rule in the home field. It is time to convert various things that occupy space in the closets into CASH! We all have heaps of items we no longer use, either new or slightly used items around the house a much better  use is to sell them online and keep the money from them. In addition, if you want to sell more through the Internet, then you will find customers here in abundance. You do not have to sell only natural products (with which you have difficulty to send out of the country). Offer your electronic (downloadables) articles, eBooks … If you are the author of “something”, find not only domestic but also foreign authors – 99% of them will offer you the opportunity to earn by selling their products and services online – and to offer over at TripleClicks you can become an eComerence Associate(ECA) today and sell just about whatever you want. SFI will take all the technical stuff out for you!
Do not forget one important thing: SFI has hundreds of thousands of Affiliates worldwide. Many of them will advertise to hundreds of web sites (Facebook, Twitter, forums, directory …) what you have to offer and thus generate income for you! Many of them will be more successful in promoting your product than you. After all the above skills do you continue to be worth the effort to start a web shop its sales from scratch?
Or maybe you already have an internet shop, but you do not really make many sales? Increase your sales by clicking on this link! On our TripleClicks shop under DEALS can be found extremely favorable offer, from a needle to just about anything! For example, until recently, was the current bid for SPINNER PRO – the best text spinner, whose regular price on the website of the company that it made $198! Yes, they cost so much because they are QUALITY tools for Internet marketing. A TripleClicks shop was selling a promotion for … how much do you think? For a whopping $ 2.96 !!! There are many other special offers on DEALS, some newly added. Of course, maybe you are not interested in tools for internet marketing, but at TripleClicks will find literally everything from a needle to a locomotive.
FURTHERMORE  as an (Associate) you can make money advertising these items! You are not obligated to buy yourself just to advertise it. If it’s cheap and good to go.
Therefore, register at SFI and check TripleClicks offers from time to time.
On TripleClicks website and PriceBender™ Penny auctions are live online. The idea is quite simple – “Biddle” a product at an online auction, if your bid is the last bid placed, the product is yours at that price. So you can get to a laptop for $ 20 iPad for $ 2 … (guaranteed at least 77% OFF RETAIL) Of course, at auction you need a bit of experience and happiness, but can can get it quickly with time. For PriceBender Auctions, you need some TCredits. Each click on BID NOW your “costs” are 1 TCredit. TCredits are sold by the piece or package. 1 TC is a non-cost effective option because it costs $ 1.99. There are several packages of TCredits 10 credits for $5.90, 20 TCredits for $9.80, 50 TCredits for $20 and 200 TCredits for $64 FOR SFI AFFILIATE HAVE SOME “HIDDEN” PACKAGES From 100 TCredits starting at only $29! It is up to you can if you can buy them.
SFI Affiliates have no obligation to purchase ANYTHING, not even TCredits. You can MAKE GREAT MONEY advertising Auctions without spending a dime! Simply advertise TripleClicks beginning on Facebook. Look at some of the interesting auction that will be held soon and market them on FB! Eg., Win an iPad 2.0 for just $ 2 “is something that will appeal most to see what was going on. Penny auctions are “out there” are very popular. However, unlike other also very popular auction sites, here credits for participation in the auction just cost less! Now you are wondering where and how do you make this? Well, all of which were registered at TripleClicks to Participate at the Auctions they must first buy  TCredits – some of the above packages. Let’s say that John registered under me. EVERY TIME, not just the first time, but every time John buys TCredits, I get a great 45% commission! On TripleClicks you can buy anything “from a needle to a locomotive”.  just not literally locomotives, but You Have Cars! SFI – in an easy and fun way! It will be sold in the USA because the salesman wrote that delivery only in USA. Ok, fine, but how can you as an SFI Affiliate from Serbia or India or ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD earn from it? Do you have a computer with internet connection You also have Facebook, which is free, and Facebook almost a billion people and tens of millions of which are American. Well, would it be so difficult to advertise a Car on the Internet? Don’t know what to write about this offer? Well, add the text that the vendor said  in his TripleClicks shop!
Who wants to go back to work from 9 to 5 for a pittance! Car selling, if someone clicks on my link which advertises it, AND they BUY IT, I’ll earn less than $2,000. In doing so, the SFI care billing, delivery and customer satisfaction. It is mine on the 10th of the following month & raises my earnings in my account!
For various current offers look at our TripleClicks shops. And to see how much you earn on a specific product, you must first register for free as an SFI Affiliate. Then open TripleClicks shop and log in with the same e-mail address and password you use for SFI, because all SFI affiliate and receive access to TripleClicks. Find the desired product and below the picture of the product will have the option SFI AFFILIATES when you login to TripleClicks with your account. There, you see mentioned your personal link to the promotion of that particular product. Copy the link and post it along with some accompanying text on Facebook, Twitter, or send it by email, message … When somebody who is interested clicks on that link, the system detects it as your customer because they’ve clicked on your link and unmistakably you Earn the commission after they pay for the Item. Just log into your account and find TripleClicks among more than 80,000+ product you’d like to advertise. see something that you like, because you will probably be more convincing if you liked it already and be more enthusiasm for you to advertise.
Do not get me wrong we offer More than just cars at TripleClicks have much more: a variety of home decor, little things that everyone loves including dieting and fitness aids  and SO SO much more and then with regular monetizing just on those little things that are on a huge discount you will Earn Sales. Copy your unique promo link that will allow the system itself to generate the desired product, and go with the promotion.
With this potential, Clickbank, Amazon, CPA networks – all you do not need! SFI gives you almost everything – banners, and texts for ads, and tools for promotion, even if you prefer, you can print flyers and hang on the bulletin boards around town, then patterns of business cards, print ads in newspapers and so on.
Unlike Clickbank, Amazon and CPA networks, often do not allow Facebook and Twitter promotions, and require that you create a web page and then you work long, hard hours, and sometimes EXPENSIVE ranking on Google search engine, you can start NOW! Unlike the CPA networks that you can not enter easily, You can join SFI immediately FREE.
Unlike Clickbank, SFI is not wait to collect $100 of earnings, at least 5 sales with 3 different modes of payment – in SFI just earn $20 you get every 10th of the month through Paypal  or your own SFI Debit Card or ANY amount with Direct Deposit (USA only), and the minimum payment is only $20 Unlike the CPA networks, Clickbank, the Amazon, etc., Where one earns one client, in SFI earn every time a client buys something! He will come for some bargains today, or whatever and whenever in the future more purchases (more than 80,000+ items – a constantly Growing new Items list), you get back 45% commission. Unlike Clickbank, CPA networks, Amazon … where there are forums for the exchange of ideas among colleagues, but no one actually will not reveal their secrets of success because you’re his COMPETITION!, To the SFI team you have unconditional support of the entire team, INCLUDING me, then everyone wins.
Namely, that “IF” your sponsor is not available at the moment we have a 24/7 forum where you can ask about any topic related to SFI! above ALL it is always I who sees you and to help you – because I have an interest in ensuring that the more you earn the More I Earn too! SFI is the online MLM program, and to start from 6 to 12 levels, which allows a stable income in the long run. For those who are not familiar with MLM programs – do not worry! Through the above-mentioned free educational programs EVERYONE will learn.
SFI has a profit share program too. All members of the current month who reach a minimum of 1,500 points, enters this program automatically. 40% of SFI’s net profit realized in a given month, SFI shares with you as an EA2 – Executive Affiliate 2, and to those who have collected a minimum of 1,500 points. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TO PURCHASE ANYTHING to amass 1,500 points and get a share of the profits! If you follow my tips, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO SPEND $36.25 per month to buy bids in our Penny Auctions OR to reward your Downline. BUT Spending is NOT A requirement just a faster option to start to see profits before you have built your team of Affiliates (you only need 5 “ACTIVE” Team Members who are doing what both you and I are doing to be in profit. The more points you earn, the higher your share of the profits will be not to mention the 45% commission over ride in addition to the VP Earned. That’s why I say that the VP (points) as well as money, because you bring money.
Points in the SFI called Versa Points – VP.
It is very easy to collect 1,500 VP within the first two hours of registration. The points are collected free of charge at every step. SFI will reward you with 1, 5, 10, 100, 200 and even 500 points for your various activities. And these types of activities are: supplementing your profile, READING different pages with news or information, Liking their Facebook page, become their Twitter follower, etc … Such activities are helping SFI to be more advertised, but you are helping your own business because the SFI MLM program will pay you for all sales and team members who reach EA2 every month.
The next level is BTL(Bronze Team Leader) there you will earn a matching VP for ALL of your team members who achieve 1,500 VersaPoints EVERY Month. I Have a friend who Earns almost 3 MILLION VP EVERY Month for being a Team Leader with an “ACTIVE” Team under him! see this post on my blog
It is important that immediately after registration, log into your online office, SFI’s Affiliate center, as they call it) and to open the HOME, “TO-DO LIST”. On your “TO-DO LIST” (list of tasks) you will find many activities that do not cost you anything, and where you collect points (SFI calls them VP). It is important to do this immediately after registration, because as soon as you complete 5 basic profile settings (marked with a Green or Red Plane symbol), you get a BONUS 250 VP. But BONUS 250 VP supplied only if you complete those 5 items in the first 10 days. With this bonus you will already have 660 VP. There are many activities which will immediately collect another 840 VP and become EA – Executive Affiliate – for an hour or two after you register and also now that you completed those 5 items you get a cool fast-track badge to show your new team members. And that is, you will admit, a great start to your business!
Speaking MLM part of the story, the most beautiful of all is that in SFI, there are personal (PSA – Personal Sponsored Affiliates) and co-sponsored members (CSA – Co-Sponsored Affiliates). The latter is supplied in various ways, for example, when you reach the status of EA, the company will allocate a minimum of 2 CSA to yor team. There are auctions on TripleClicks where you can get 50, 100 or even 200 CSA’s! When you win the auction, all the CSA are awarded right away! Where are so many members coming from? SFI regularly advertises and markets to many free, and paid services: web sites, advertisements, banner exchange, Google Adwords, local newspapers, TV and radio stations … Daily enrolled in the SFI sometimes by 10,000 new members from around the world! As an SFI Affiliate you have the option to purchase a portion of these members (Affiliates) that SFI is registered in this manner, the S-Builder Co-Op.
If you are not skilled recruitment of other members, and you do not have experience with marketing campaigns on the Internet, then you can simply buy a “position”, ie. part of the Affiliates that will register marketing experts from SFI under you!
Of all the PSA  you will have a percentage of those sponsored this way. SFI has a huge online shop called TripleClicks and which offers more than 80,000+ products and services available to customers in over 200 countries around the world, with over 50 different payment options (since not all have access to PayPal), with frequent promotional campaigns, auctions every … time one of your PSA or CSA buy anything there, you get a commission. Now imagine that you win the auction 200 CSA! Or join thousands of people? But not only that – your PSA may not buy on TripleClicks but will earn a promotion product with TripleClicks. The more your Affiliates Earn, the more you will earn! Because you are worth as much to create a team. As the program grows into your 12 levels, your earnings will skyrocket, it’s worth it to you and to help the team members to join them and bring more people onto our Team.
And now we come to the key items – duplication. And this is a problem in most MLM Affairs. Simply put, people do not do what you do, and in most cases this is because they do not know how. But with SFI is a completely different thing. I know that every MLM company say that they do everything to help you, but when you try SFI, you will see how much duplication goes on here! After all, they have been online since 1998 (Carson Services, Inc., has been in Business for 30 YEARS!).
All relevant information will be sent to you from SFI and me. Accurate, neat, clearly, on time! The friendly SFI community are really easy to get to know and ask any questions if I am unavailable when you needed the answers right then!
First of all, FREE! The training program on the topic of internet marketing is phenomenal! Completely FREE for all registered SFI Affiliates. Contains over 70 brilliant lesson on the topic of Internet Marketing, and each month adding new ones. You can find it under the Training> Internet Income Course. NO that’s not all!
THERE ARE PROGRAMS AND PRIZE! When you join the SFI, the same day you signed up at least several hundred people from all over the world also are competing. All of you are participating in the E365 competition for your group. All the points you collect (VP ??- Versa Points) add to the average. Some will gather more, some less. Average points that you have all of you who are in the same “class” – joined the same day – called THE GREEN LINE – “green line” for your group. It is important to stay ABOVE THE GREEN LINE the whole time. This simply means that you have more points than the average of your class. I did it. Currently I am number 2 in my class of people who signed up on September 26,2012
Every week is a GUARANTEED drawing for an award. Guaranteed prizes you get just so you are  remaining above the green line. It may be an additional VP, MRP, TCredits etc. As prizes are drawn, and who has the luck! There are also cash prizes. Staying above the green line is easy. Every day you log into your online SFI office and open the HOME PAGE, then go to the “TO-DO LIST”. There every day, waiting to be met by the simple steps you win extra points. Every day you can conquer new points! Simply read the overview pages supplied and each page earns you one additional point per day. Please note that at the bottom of most pages there is a large blue rectangle in which you need to click in order to verify that you have read the content on it. These actions are not mandatory, but if you want to make money, you need to sign in each day in your SFI office and pick up points with a “to-do” list.
There are daily prizes where everyone can participate on that day gathered at least 10 VP. Log in to your SFI office, collect 10 or more points over the “to-do” list and then click on the WIN IT tab! and sign up to participate in the draw for the day. SFI will not automatically give you the entries into the competition, but every day you have to log in. In this way, we want to encourage that every day we log into your SFI office, because there is always something new! With a little luck, “for nothing” (because participation is free), you can get a valuable prize. When you familiarize yourself with SFI, after a while you will begin advertising SFI and TripleClicks.
When someone who is just a customer, but not an Affiliate, buy something there, the points (VP) does not mean anything because he is not an Affiliate. These points go to you!
Log in to your SFI office, Open HOME, “TO-DO LIST” and start collecting points through light activities from which you will learn a lot, and will cost you nothing; SFI in style all accompanied by a brief and clear instructions – only to be read Your goal is to collect 1,500 VP which exceeds the receiving status EA. Because, as you can see, EA means a lot!
What happens after?
Since you immediately after registering accumulated 1,500 VP, now the next day devote a little better knowing SFI program. When you log into your SFI office, you right up three useful link to get started. These are SFI START, BASICS and Launchpad. Each affiliate, gets 30 lessons on the subject of SFI. Lessons are short, meaningful, interesting and often amusing and well written. Start reading them, without haste. At the end of each lesson LaunchPad and there is one question. The correct answer brings you an additional 15 VP.  You can take more than 1 lesson a day. It is important to understand each of the lessons because they hide a treasure trove of tips on how to get the most out of SFI, and as you can see, the possibilities are enormous!
One of the most important things is to learn as much as you can when you begin to build your own team of Affiliates. With the growth of your team, your earnings will grow too. Numerous ready-made ads, banners, tips, tools on this topic can be found under MARKETING TOOLS.
Also, do not be surprised by posts from senior sponsors who will send you from time to time good advice. And there is a very useful and interesting forum where you can learn many things.
And finally – how do you pay salaries?
All earnings for the previous month are calculated and paid 10th of the next month. There are several ways of payment, and certainly the best is the Payoneer MasterCard. When you are first collected $ 20 for payment, you can order this card to your home address. Payoneer service works in over 210 countries, practically all over the world. Get a free card to your home address. The money from the card booting into local currency at any ATM. Paypal and Direct Deposit are also Available to Affiliates (DD is only available in the USA)
How to collect 1500 VP every month, not just immediately after joining when it is easiest to gather for a few hours? I like to collect points by building a team.
In fact, as soon as your PSA – Personal Sponsored Affiliate, gets 1,500 VP (in their second and continuing months and becomes  EA2, you get a bonus of  100 VP. The second step, when a new member  Joins, is to tell them how he can sponsor others and to gain 100 VP for each EA2 member. So my team spreads like a wildfire in the summer! A large number of EA2’s under you mean money for you! The better you are, you will get a higher status (Team Leader) – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. When you are a Team Leader, for your share of the profits from the profit share includes matching VP if you can Sponsor 10 EA2’s that would be an additional 15,000 VP then say those 10 all sponsored 10 EA2’s too then you would also receive 150,000 more VP imagine for a minute if you duplicated all 10 of your EA2’s down 12 levels what that number would be! (This is just an example not all of your Downline will be as successful) There’s many, many other benefits, and this is just one.
SFI – Internet salaries in an easy and fun way! JOIN NOW! It’s free and you can get rich the easy way for what you did and free!

Sign up FREE!

Thank You for reading this Post! Sincerely Robert