Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Here is a Real look at a Friend of mine Donald K. that joined SFI 2 years ago this week, that is seeing success!


Today is an incredible day!! I don’t even know where to start. I gotta tell ya…. Back in 2012, 5 years ago, I paid SFI an extended visit. Several months to be sure. The situation was this; I was unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands, (side jobs sustained me, but barely) so I joined several programs online, with the thought that “they sure looked easy and just about anyone could make money with them.” Boy was I wrong!! I tried, and I failed, and I tried, and I failed. I made no money, and eventually walked away. Deleted every account, and went back to work in the “real world”. Fast forward to some time in 2015, 3 years after I decided to walk away, my “real world” business was failing, and I started to think about online marketing again. Only this time I had a much different approach. This time, being a former business owner, I knew coming in that I would need a clear game plan. So I studied every aspect of the sites I joined. And over the next couple of months I deleted all accounts, except for one. The one I most believed in. SFI. I joined SFI on Sept. 27, 2015 My 1st 4 days I spent doing nothing but reading and studying the training. (I am 4 days short of having a perfect 2 year VP Streak) I set my goals and after 2 years of reading, and studying the training materials. Being active on the Forum (Which is better than most training you can get anywhere on the internet) I have also had the privilege of being able to work with one of the absolute best mentors a person could ask for. Who happens to be one of SFI’s premier Platinum Team Leaders. Not to mention having a sponsor that will go out of her way to make sure that each and every member of her team has everything they need to succeed in this business. 2 years and 1 day, I achieved the rank of Silver Team Leader. What an amazing anniversary present. Bottom line here folks is that anyone can do this. Have a plan of action. Set your goals. Study the training. Communicate with your upline. YOU can do this. If you are even curious to see how my Team and I are making residual income from home,

feel free to visit:  The SFI Online Opportunity Y’all Stay Blessed! Sincerely,

Robert Team Leader and Mentor.