Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

About Me

Hi! I’m Robert. Thanks for stopping by.

The history of a different kind of marketer

Hello friends of all,

                My name if you didn’t already know is Robert Pugliese Jr AKA RJPJRBLUE

I grew up and still am mentally disabled, but high functioning , so I was never able to hold down a regular job and NOT end up in the hospital, the anxiety and stress always got to me. 

Just after my visit to the psychiatrist in 2009, they put me on a very new and expensive medication that started to help me function better.

During this time I worked for a nonprofit organization that helps people affected by mental illnesses and had a “sheltered workshop” where I was able to learn more interpersonal skills and experience in training and interacting with others as a certified recovery peer specialist.

Then starting in 2012 I started looking for a legitimate way to earn money online alongside my sister, but I mostly had found scams, until later on that same year, I had come across one that seemed real and had a great history in business so I joined. 

Now boy did I struggle, I was just a newbie with this shiny new object that I had never heard of before until then, Network Marketing. As time goes on I learned how to properly use the skills they taught me, and I grew into a great network marketer. 

Fast forward nearly three years things were starting to snowball and get Active people into my business. Most people just didn’t want to wait for the money to come, while several have.  

Now nearly ten years after joining our team, and seeing some success, I have decided to give it everything I got to see more success, than I am now getting from my efforts, the past few years.

I got my tactical gear on, and my tools in hand and I’m Working hard! 

I got my Team supporting me and my Family behind me I know with just time and effort I can succeed with SFI!

Care to see what we’ve been doing now, and just to let you know, I won’t be left in the mud! 

Join for Free with SFI Marketing Group Today. 

Thank you

Sincerely yours, 

Robert aka rjpjrblue