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Hello everyone, friends of all, Money tight, bills piling up? Looking for a “work From Home” type of Business & Searching through frustrating and confusing websites finding ZILCH? I have your Solution!

There are lots of ways to make money online – but most of them require a big investment of money or ties up your funds for a period of time, while that’s nice and all, it’s just not possible for me, as well for any other average Joe who lives paycheck to paycheck.

That’s why I was really excited when I learned more about SFI Marketing Group. It doesn’t have this problem.

Unlike all of the ridiculous “Make $1,000’s a Day” ads everyone sees all over the Net, SFI is really the real deal for me and many others including the average Joe’s Now I’m not telling you that you should quit your 9-5 job (YET) because that would be foolish, until you start to see thousands going to your bank monthly.

This opportunity is not a save all, what it is, is a way to make a realistic extra income to supplement and go along with your current income anywhere from a couple hundred dollars a month to even a nice 5-10 thousand dollars a month depending on how much time you decide to put into this income opportunity please view my blog Post regarding one friend of mine (Boris) that started SFI a few months before I did and is seeing GREAT Success just from posting at least one new ad online at free to post sites for his first 2 years!

* It’s VERY easy and Anyone can do it

   *   Can be up and running in less than 2 hours a day
We have hundreds of pages of Free Training that walks anyone through everything from how to Getting Started to how to advertise your gateways on and offline and so much more. Just the FREE Training Alone is worth signing up It can benefit you and your life by learning the right ways to go about running a stay at home Business!!
    * Can get started today at ZERO COST to you.

Now no one will get rich Right away, but it has been proven by THOUSAND’S of people including the average Joe’s that this is a realistic extra income system for ANY ONE and is Achievable!

Your commission checks will start off small but remember once you have your 5-11 people on your Team who are also duplicating what both you and I are doing then you will start to see your commissions build to a great level!

Here is the estimated earning from our “Earnings Calculator” IF you

were to sponsor only 5 people who became EA2 and those 5 people  also sponsored 5 people who became EA2 down 12 levels into YOUR Team. It is all about YOU being Active If you are NOT Active in YOUR Business then you will consequentially NOT make any commissions.

$135.30 per

month after 6 months ($1,623.60/yr)

$1,458.30 per

month after 12 months ($17,499.60/yr)

$3,159.30 per

month after 18 months ($37,911.60/yr)

$5,508.30 per

month after 24 months ($66,099.60/yr)



1. This is an estimate only! Your actual results will depend on you.

2. Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate (EA) of $20. It is assumed you start as and maintain EA (min. 1,500

VersaPoints**) status for yourself.

3. You will likely have some attrition (EAs not meeting the min. 1,500 point EA qualifications) each month. To get an idea of how attrition would affect your commissions, do an estimate that takes attrition into account. For example, if you think that 25% of your EAs will drop below the EA level, instead of basing an estimate on 4 personally sponsored EAs per month, use 3 per month.

4. Additional income can be earned through ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

Now I am NOT Allowed to give out an Income Statement (how much we are actually making) due to a law in the United States because it would make a lot of people who look for “get rich quick” Programs think that this a free ride BUT like any true Business this requires some effort and some of your time and IF you wanted to start off as an Executive Affiliate right away then you could purchase something called TCredits* for $36.25 and be qualified right away and then start earning commissions from the TripleClicks Executive pool. As a standard Affiliate you can only earn commissions off sales to new team members you Sponsor into SFI or through SFI’s Pay-Per-Action

I have never seen anything like this before,(that Actually Pays it’s members every time on time. I know this is a totally awesome approach for making realistic extra income online check out the Getting Started videos on the website once you type in your name, e-mail address, and create a personal password then you’ll be all set to start earning some extra income for you and your family

* Tcredits are similar to E-Currency they are used only at our TripleClicks store for either making a bid in our PriceBenderTM Penny Auctions to win great name brand Items at 77-99% off retail, which are live now or to play our game to win more Tcredits. In our Auctions you can win a TV, blender, a keurig coffee machine, Gold or Silver coins, a Nice Men’s or Women’s Watch (valued at least $199.00), a $50 or $100 Gift Cards to your favorite stores like Best Buy, Walmart, SUBWAY, Applebee’s ,Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Forever 21, American Eagle,and AMC Theatres. As well as several other new items at the Auctions added through out the month. 

Check out our Auction schedule for more information about dates and times of each Auction.


aka VP can be Earns by doing either FREE Actions DAILY or a combination of free Actions and buying something ( or sponsoring Affiliates or PRM’s who make a purchase) right now VP is paying about $0.0005 cents per VP now I know you are saying well that is not very much and I know that, but most of our commissions are earned by making sales. Anyways I have a friend (Boris) see blog post above that is making nearly 3 Million VP EVERY month from matching VP because he is a Team Leader

It can be done and has been done IF you are Active in YOUR Business and are able to put either the time necessary OR a combination of some time and a little cash. Either way you will be successful as long as you do NOT quit, It just takes time to build your Team Good Luck with any Businesses you are in!

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