Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Simple Facts + Simple Plan = Success

Often times we concentrate on the complicated facts rather than think of the simple ways on how to proceed with our SFI business. SFI has provided us with all the useful information’s on how to do our business but sometimes due to the quantity of the information’s that an affiliate has to read people think that doing SFI business is a very complicated business. To make it simple , new affiliates should first concentrate on this simple facts.
  1. Reaching EA status or Team Leader status and maintain it Every Month is the priority GOAL .
  2. Make an Auto-delivery to maintain EA status . Placing an Auto-delivery order sometimes causes fear to new affiliates and causes them to quit. To remove this fear, just think it this way. A Builder-Bundle package will cost an Affiliate $55.00 every month which means you are only spending around $1.78 everyday that’s less than a cup of coffee. Thinking about it as $1.78 daily expenses rather than a $55.00 monthly expenses is a lot better although the amount is the same. 3. Finding PSA’s is another fear that new affiliates face, they think that they need to find a lot of PSA’s in order to earn in SFI. The simple fact is that we don’t need hundreds of PSA’s in order to earn a big income in SFI. We only need 3-5 active PSA’s in order to earn big income in SFI. From this point you are running your SFI business on semi-autopilot. Maybe you will ask “WHERE IS THE BIG INCOME”. 4. Here is the Big Income. By providing support to your 5 active affiliates and encouraging them to “DUPLICATE” what you are doing. I emphasize the word duplicate because it is very important that you show your Affiliates what should be done by doing it first yourself. This means that you cannot ask your affiliates to do what you yourself are not willing to do. Below is an illustration how the power of duplication can give you the BIG INCOME . You can benefit from this BIG INCOME ( from Team Overrides). You can easily reach DTL status by applying the SIMPLE PLAN presented here within.   (These figures are your POTENTIAL {NOT Guaranteed without work} when you are Active in your Business and have at least 5 Active PSA’s on your first Level and in your Team, up to 12 Levels deep!) Gen 1-5 EA PSA’s  $48.00 (Minimum) Gen 2-25 EA Team Members 4% override = $40.00 Gen 3-125 EA Team Members 4% override $200.00 Gen 4-625 EA Team Members 4% override $1,000.00 Gen 5-3125 EA Team Members 4% override $5,000.00 Gen 6-15625 EA Team Members 4% override $25,000.00 These numbers are per month and this is ONLY your first 6 Generations The diagram below illustrates the following example of how dynamic compression is used for Team Overrides in the SFI compensation plan:
  • In this line of sponsorship, the BLACK DOTS represent the 12 EAs & Team Leaders qualified for Team Overrides.
  • The WHITE DOTS represent generations in the line NOT qualified for Team Overrides.  Hence, they are skipped (or compressed).
  • The RED DOT at the bottom of the line represents a sale of $40 CV. CV Stands for Commission Volume which is the most a particular Item will pay out to all Team Leaders and Executive Affiliates.
Of that $40 CV, 4% ($1.60) is paid to each of the 12 qualified upline EA’s and Team Leaders in the line. The Team Leader at the top of this example earned a Team Override 19 generations deep! The sponsor (as illustrated below) has also received a 20% Direct Commission on the sale for their PSA…in addition to a Team Override ($9.60 total).   Presented here are only two ways to earn in SFI . Once you succeed in these two ways then you can concentrate on the other 4 ways to earn to make your income bigger. Combining this simple facts with the Simple Plan below will assure you with a BIG SUCCESS in SFI. A SIMPLE PLAN If you are already a Team Leader and is doing good in your SFI business allow me to congratulate you for a job well done. If you are only starting or finding it hard to maintain your status in SFI this simple plan might help you. If you find this helpful you are free to share this to your downline. FOR NEW SIGN UPS : FIRST MONTH : GOAL Become an Executive Affiliate. -Determine the remaining number of days for the current month . For example you sign up on the 15th of the month that means that you still have 15 days (for a 30 days month) left to reach you EA status. -Compute the number of VP that you can get from your Daily Task . Example , if you have 15 days multiply it with 10 VP then it will give you 150 VP . That means you need 1,350 VP to reach your EA status . -Go to your VP Ledger page and complete the task that will give you the 1350 VP needed for your EA status . -IMPORTANT : Just complete the tasks in your VP Ledger that will give you the needed number of VP for your EA Status . You can reserve the other task ( VP ) for your Second month . Make sure also to log in and complete your Daily Task so you can get the required number of VP from your Daily Task. -Your first month goal is to reach your EA status . By doing this simple plan, you can be sure that you will accomplish your goal. Additional goal is to READ and LEARN about the system of SFI . Feel free to explore SFI website , READ and LEARN all the useful information that you can find. NOTE : Participate daily in the Daily Grand Draw and other TC Games for a chance to win the TCredits and other Prize. SECOND MONTH : GOAL : 1. Maintain EA Status. 2. Find at least 3-5 Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA). -Compute the VP that you can get from your Daily Task . For Example , if the current month is a 30 days month that means that you can get 300 VP from your daily Task. -Go to your VP Ledger page and check how much is the remaining VP that you can get from your uncompleted task. This will vary depending on the task you complete during your first month. -Check if you are eligible for the monthly Task like “Rate your Sponsor “ and “Setting your monthly goal “ . If not then you can do your Weekly Task ( whichever is available ). -Assess how much VP you can get to maintain your EA Status ( required is 1,500 VP ) . -You can contact me if you find any problem in completing some of the task in your VP Ledger. -If the available VP is not enough to reach 1,500 VP to maintain your EA Status I personally recommend that you purchase a single or multiple TCredits from TripleClicks. 1 TCredit will cost you $1.99 and will give you 102 VP and 10 Rewardicals . Purchasing multiple TCredits can help you complete the 1,500 VP required for your EA Status. You can use the TCredits and Rewardicals in your 3rd and continuing months goals. THIRD MONTH : GOAL : 1. Reach Bronze Team Leader Status. 2. Find more PSA’s. -It may be ambitious to reach Bronze Team Leader Status in your Third month but it can be done . This is considering that you already find at least 5 PSA’s that decide to join your team. The easiest way to maintain your EA Status is to place a 1,500 VP Auto Delivery order ( I will recommend that you get our Builder Bundle, to further grow your Team quicker and you can use the TCredits to win some great Penny Auctions! -There are other methods to earn VP’s but it will require you to spend more , my simple plan was designed to minimize the cost of reaching and maintaining a Bronze Team Leader status. -To reach BTL status you must earn 3,000 VP and have 5 PSA’s on your Team (Active or Inactive). Below is a simple plan to help you earn 3,000 VP. ACTION VP’s : MONTHLY VP Rate your Sponsor 10 VP (After your second month and have reached 500 VP for the prior month) Setting your goals 5 VP For 1,500 VP Auto delivery — 100 VP WEEKLY VP Sending Team email 40 VP Posting Stream Post (3 VP a week)  12 VP DAILY VP Completing Daily task 300 VP (For 30 days month) TEAM LEADERSHIP & SUPPORT : (Assuming you already have 3 PSA that will maintain EA Status) 300 VP TOTAL ACTION VP 767 VP SALES VP : 1,500 + 816 ( Min. is 1,500 VP ) TOTAL VP = 2,267 VP Either trade Rewardical Tokens for the Needed VP or buy 8 Individual TCredits at 102 VP each for $15.92   ADD 816 VP TOTAL VP = 3,363 VP   YOU REACHED YOUR BRONZE TEAM LEADER STATUS. The next important thing that you should do is to find more PSA’s that will duplicate this plan, and since you should have set up Opti-Build as a BTL this will allow you to continue bringing in new Team members under your 2-13 Generation at either 50% or the 100% all-in options. As your active PSA’s increase, the VP that you will get from “TEAM LEADERSHIP & SUPPORT” action will increase and it will help you advance to next Team Leader Status. CHECK THE BENEFIT CHART TO SEE THE ADVANTAGE OF BECOMING A TEAM LEADER. NOTE : This simple plan is the plan I used when I was just starting with my SFI business . This might be applicable to you or you can revise it to suit your needs depending on your resources and GOALS. AIM HIGH, DREAM BIG * Tcredits are similar to E-Currency they are used only at our TripleClicks store for either making a bid in our PriceBenderTM Penny Auctions to win great name brand Items at 77-99% off retail, which are live now, to play our games to win more Tcredits or to Give 10 TC to each of our Team Members. In our Auctions you can win a TV, blender, a keurig coffee machine, Gold or Silver coins, a Nice Men’s or Women’s Watch (valued at least $199.00), a Gift Card to your favorite stores like Best Buy, Walmart, SUBWAY, Applebee’s ,Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Forever 21, American Eagle,and AMC Theatres and Amazon. As well as several other new items at the Auctions added through out the month. Check out our Auction schedule for more information about dates and times of each Auction. **VersaPoints aka VP can be Earns by doing either FREE Actions DAILY or a combination of free Actions and buying something ( or sponsoring PRM’s who make a purchase) It can be done and has been done IF you are Active in YOUR Business and are able to put either the time necessary OR a combination of some time and a little cash. Either way you will be successful as long as you do NOT quit, It just takes time to build your Team Good Luck with any Businesses you are in!   Sincerely Robert