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Are you ready for Something Real? Heard of FortuneMaker?

Are you ready to be a part of Something Real, Something you can be comfortable with, Something you can count on? We are excited to announce the 3rd Phase our Official launch Rollout for BitByBit Empire (BBBE) aka… FortuneMaker BBBE is a one-of- a-kind business opportunity where Everyone can earn and no one will lose […]


Hello Fellow Friends,   First I would like to thank you for taking a moment of your time to read this important Press Release I know many people have seen the name SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group, but they have not really explored what SFI is all about and what they can offer them […]

I’ve done it and you can too!

  Do you want to earn reoccurring commissions every month like I do? Are you able to apply what we teach you? We have thousands of pages of free training, all available once you join.   Are you wondering “what’s this gonna cost me?”   Well it depends on your desire to see success quicker […]

Great Things are Happening in SFI!

  SFI the Company where I Have Earned so Much over the last few Years, has been adding new things to our Portfolio of Simple ways to Earn Commissions. Also there has been an amazing Growth of our Company in the last Year and I want to help anyone willing to put in 2 hours […]

My review on GDI aka website.ws

Global Domains International also known as website.ws, is one of the first online marketing businesses I had joined. It has been my go to company for web Hosting. I have been with them for the past 8 years and love all that they offer me. For me this is the simplest Hosting program I ever […]

The Golden Opportunity

Hello Friends! IF you want an excellent opportunity to join the #1 online Business today than this is for you! Here I explain in detail the benefits of SFI and what it takes to become a success. As with any Business it wil take time to build your Business up to a acceptable level (Typically […]

Getting Started With SFI, Getting to Know The Basics

Hello everyone, friends of all, Money tight, bills piling up? Looking for a “work From Home” type of Business & Searching through frustrating and confusing websites finding ZILCH? I have your Solution! There are lots of ways to make money online – but most of them require a big investment of money or ties up your funds for a period […]

The power of ONE, Simple math behind $2500/mo income!

  Ivan & Boris just posted this in our SFI Forum please read till the end. “I just did a simple calculation which I feel like I should share with everyone. Let’s say you are serious about this business, so in average you enroll 1 new PSA per day. That should not be a hard […]

30 Years in the Marketing Field MUST Say Something! Join for Free Today!

Hello Fellow Marketers and friends, I wanted to give you a break down of all the FREE Benefits SFI has to offer anyone wanting to join my Wonderful Team SFI has been online on the Internet for 17+ Years while our Parent company Carson Services has been in Business of Network Marketing now over 30 […]

May 2014 a good month for team

Hello everyone that may read my blog I hope your new month has started off right I know mine has. Last month was a good month for advertising I placed quite a few new FREE ads every day and am starting to see results from those ads. I really hope my summer goes by well. […]

August & September were good months

Hello everyone well August and September were two good months for recruiting new affiliates I sponsored about 20 new members in August and about 15 in September most of them have not done much with their accounts yet but I am hopeful.these two months earnings were a little lower than I would have liked because […]

The Month of July was Great!

Hello everyone in the online world this past month has been great my check for june was basically the same as the month before. I need to find other ways to advertise to get some sign ups who will work their business and help themselves first so that they can start earning money like me. […]

May’s earnings are in!

the commissions have run today I have earned a small check for the month of May For about the past 11 months have been low basically because I have not built up my downline enough yet once I continue to build my downline my income will continue to grow and profits will be seen. I […]

11 Reasons Why The SFI Comp Plan Rocks!

1. Clean, simple, generous, and fair! 2. No purchase requirements…ever! 3. Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions! 4. Earn up to six different ways: Direct Commissions, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-Sponsor Commissions, TCredits Bonus, ECA Royalties, and SFI Pay-Per-Action! 5. Qualify for EVERY type of compensation with as little as 1500 VP […]

Our compensation plan

Important: To understand the SFI Compensation Plan, you must first understand CV (Commission Volume). Every product at TripleClicks.com has a CV value. This value is determined by the product’s margin (The difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for). The higher the margin, the higher the CV. A product’s CV […]

an excellent month for February earnings

this last month I earned a great check that was an awesome month thanks to my great team. My downline is doing a great job. Keep up the great work all team members thanks for all of your efforts For anyone interested in earning a leveraged and residual income please visit http://www.sfi1.biz/11536214.21

December another great month!

For the month of December I achieved bronze team leader thanks to me and my great team! My commissions for November were higher than the month before not bad for the 3rd month in SFI! I’ll need to get a larger downline to increase it even more thanks for viewing this blog Click here if […]

Silver Team Leader Status

Finally I’ve made it to silver team leader for the month of November I am working on keeping at least ea status this month I don’t have much extra spending money this month due to my lose of my 9-5 job but who knows I hope to find a regular 9-5 job soon to help […]

sales are up

so far for the month of October i have earned over 4000 vp i’m on my way to making a great income from this company last month for the four days i was a member i earned 0.99 cents thats not bad for what I did on the website .  I devote about 3 hours […]

Gotta JOB (Just Over Broke)? Trade it in for a YOB (Your Own Business)!!

Retired? Unemployed? Underemployed? Laid-Off, or Insufficient Income? Start your own Internet business from home. Build residual and leveraged income to create real wealth. World Wide Income System that REALLY WORKS! All it needs is you. FREE Training and support, websites and products all provided! – ZERO RISK! With this business it takes several months to […]