Please support March of Dimes campaign

Posted March 21, 2015 By rjpjrblue

Click Here to Support the March of Dimes 2015 Walk for Babies ONLY 42 days left until the event! Please Donate Today so we can reach our goal of $165! Thank You

Why we walk

When you walk in March for Babies, you give hope to nearly half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. We’ve been walking since 1970 and have raised an incredible $2.3 billion to benefit all babies.

What to expect

This year, 3 million people will join their family, friends and colleagues in nearly 700 communities across the nation. Our volunteers and staff will encourage and support you in your efforts to raise awareness and funds. No matter if this is your first year or your 25th, you can expect the event to be fun, compelling and rewarding.


Your support helps babies

The money you raise in March for Babies funds important research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives. More than 500 local programs were supported to help educate women and reduce risks during pregnancy. Comfort and information was offered to 90,000 families with a newborn in intensive care through March of Dimes NICU Family Support®. Your involvement also helped the U.S. premature birth rate to drop for the 7th year in a row.

Ways you’ve already helped:





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Getting Started With SFI, Getting to Know The Basics

Posted March 13, 2015 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone, friends of all, Money tight, bills piling up? Looking for a “work From Home” type of Business & Searching through frustrating and confusing websites finding ZILCH? I have your Solution!

There are lots of ways to make money online – but most of them require a big investment of money or ties up your funds for a period of time, while that’s nice and all, it’s just not possible for me, as well for any other average Joe who lives paycheck to paycheck.

That’s why I was really excited when I learned more about SFI Marketing Group. It doesn’t have this problem.

Unlike all of the ridiculous “Make $1,000’s a Day” ads everyone sees all over the Net, SFI is really the real deal for me and many others including the average Joe’s Now I’m not telling you that you should quit your 9-5 job (YET) because that would be foolish, until you start to see thousands going to your bank monthly.

This opportunity is not a save all, what it is, is a way to make a realistic extra income to supplement and go along with your current income anywhere from a couple hundred dollars a month to even a nice 5-10 thousand dollars a month depending on how much time you decide to put into this income opportunity please view my blog Post regarding one friend of mine (Boris) that started SFI a few months before I did and is seeing GREAT Success just from posting at least one new ad online at free to post sites for his first 2 years!

* It’s VERY easy and Anyone can do it

   *   Can be up and running in less than 2 hours a day
We have hundreds of pages of Free Training that walks anyone through everything from how to Getting Started to how to advertise your gateways on and offline and so much more. Just the FREE Training Alone is worth signing up It can benefit you and your life by learning the right ways to go about running a stay at home Business!!
    * Can get started today at ZERO COST to you.

Now no one will get rich Right away, but it has been proven by THOUSAND’S of people including the average Joe’s that this is a realistic extra income system for ANY ONE and is Achievable!

Your commission checks will start off small but remember once you have your 5-11 people on your Team who are also duplicating what both you and I are doing then you will start to see your commissions build to a great level!

Here is the estimated earning from our “Earnings Calculator” IF you

were to sponsor only 5 people who became EA2 and those 5 people  also sponsored 5 people who became EA2 down 12 levels into YOUR Team. It is all about YOU being Active If you are NOT Active in YOUR Business then you will consequentially NOT make any commissions.

$135.30 per

month after 6 months ($1,623.60/yr)

$1,458.30 per

month after 12 months ($17,499.60/yr)

$3,159.30 per

month after 18 months ($37,911.60/yr)

$5,508.30 per

month after 24 months ($66,099.60/yr)



1. This is an estimate only! Your actual results will depend on you.

2. Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate (EA) of $20. It is assumed you start as and maintain EA (min. 1,500

VersaPoints**) status for yourself.

3. You will likely have some attrition (EAs not meeting the min. 1,500 point EA qualifications) each month. To get an idea of how attrition would affect your commissions, do an estimate that takes attrition into account. For example, if you think that 25% of your EAs will drop below the EA level, instead of basing an estimate on 4 personally sponsored EAs per month, use 3 per month.

4. Additional income can be earned through ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

Now I am NOT Allowed to give out an Income Statement (how much we are actually making) due to a law in the United States because it would make a lot of people who look for “get rich quick” Programs think that this a free ride BUT like any true Business this requires some effort and some of your time and IF you wanted to start off as an Executive Affiliate right away then you could purchase something called TCredits* for $36.25 and be qualified right away and then start earning commissions from the TripleClicks Executive pool. As a standard Affiliate you can only earn commissions off sales to new team members you Sponsor into SFI or through SFI’s Pay-Per-Action

I have never seen anything like this before,(that Actually Pays it’s members every time on time. I know this is a totally awesome approach for making realistic extra income online check out the Getting Started videos on the website once you type in your name, e-mail address, and create a personal password then you’ll be all set to start earning some extra income for you and your family

* Tcredits are similar to E-Currency they are used only at our TripleClicks store for either making a bid in our PriceBenderTM Penny Auctions to win great name brand Items at 77-99% off retail, which are live now or to play our game to win more Tcredits. In our Auctions you can win a TV, blender, a keurig coffee machine, Gold or Silver coins, a Nice Men’s or Women’s Watch (valued at least $199.00), a $50 or $100 Gift Cards to your favorite stores like Best Buy, Walmart, SUBWAY, Applebee’s ,Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Forever 21, American Eagle,and AMC Theatres. As well as several other new items at the Auctions added through out the month. 

Check out our Auction schedule for more information about dates and times of each Auction.


aka VP can be Earns by doing either FREE Actions DAILY or a
combination of free Actions and buying something ( or sponsoring
Affiliates or PRM’s who make a purchase) right now VP is paying about $0.0005 cents per VP now I know you are saying well that is not very much and I know that, but most of our commissions are earned by making sales. Anyways I have a friend (Boris) see blog post above that is making nearly 3 Million VP EVERY month from matching VP because he is a Team Leader

It can be done and has been done IF you are Active in YOUR Business and are able to put either the time necessary OR a combination of some time and a little cash. Either way you will be successful as long as you do NOT quit, It just takes time to build your Team Good Luck with any Businesses you are in!

Sign up FREE!

Thank You for reading this Press Release!



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Ivan & Boris just posted this in our SFI Forum please read till the end.

“I just did a simple calculation which I feel like I should share with everyone.

Let’s say you are serious about this business, so in average you enroll 1 new PSA per day. That should not be a hard task, if you use training materials provided by SFI you would learn how to do that. Or just go for S-builder / PSA To Go / some ECA store or outsource any other way you find suitable for you.

People share with others some statistics like % of new PSA who are active. Some say their are just 1%, others claim they manage to activate 10%. I personally saw with my own eyes ( in my Gen report ) a person who was a TOP Enroller and managed to activate more than 50% !!! ( I agree – that’s really AMAZING! ). I will take, for a purpose to explain my point, that it is just 3.3% ( 1/30 ). In other words, you sponsor 1 new PSA per day, 30 new people every month, and you manage to activate just 1 of that 30. So you would end your first month with a *team* of 2 people: you and your 1 new active PSA

What will happen next month if you 2, you and your new active PSA, stick with your team building efforts the same way? You would keep sponsoring 1 new PSA every day. For the whole month that is 30 new people enrolled by you. As we said, if 29 drop out, and just 1 stay active, sharing the same vision with you, you will personally get just 1 more NEW active PSA in your second month. In Total, at the end of the second month, you have just 2 active PSA ( and 58 inactive ). You trained / helped your active PSA from the previous month to do the same. He agreed to enroll 1 new PSA per day, just like you. He will finish the second month with his 30 new PSA, 29 inactive, and just 1 active. So, at the end of the second month you have a team of 4 active people ( and 87 inactive ): you, your 1 active PSA from a previous month, your 1 new active PSA, and “1 new active PSA of your PSA” your GEN2

If you extend this, you will finish the third month with a team of 8 active people ( and 172 inactive )

In the beginning it looks like you are going very slow, all of you invest a lot of time/money w/o getting back too much. But let us extend this further:

Month 1 – You sponsor 1 person – Total active people in your business – 2 ( you and your 1 active PSA )
Month 2 – Everyone sponsors – Total active People in your business: 4
Month 3 – Everyone sponsors – Total active People: 8
Month 4 – Everyone sponsors – Total active People: 16
Month 5 – Everyone sponsors – Total active: 32
Month 6 – Everyone sponsors – Total active: 64

Now here is the awesome part and where exponential growth starts to kick in. If you were to keep up that same pace of sponsoring just 1 person a month, teaching everyone in your organization to do the same, over the course of a year you would have grown an team of over 4000 active people. Here’s what the numbers would like on that:

Month 7 – Total 128
Month 8 – Total 256
Month 9– 512
Month 10 – 1024
Month 11 – 2048
Month 12 – 4096

Some will become Team Leaders, while others will keep EA rank, and 1500 VP/mo minimum. Let us take the minimum and convert this number into commissions! 1500 Matching VP have a variable money value, but we can take that it is $0.60 ( 60 cents ). Here is your income just from Matching Shares:

Month 1 – 2 X $0.60 = $1.20 – are you disappointed? Wait until the end!
Month 2 – 4 X $0.60 = $2.40
Month 3 – 8 X $0.60 = $4.80 – still disappointed? Read further!
Month 4 – 16 X $0.60 = $9.60
Month 5 – 32 X $0.60 = $19.20
Month 6 – 64 X $0.60 = $38.40 – this will finally cover your SO of 125 TCredits

Month 7 – 128 X $0.60 = $76.80
Month 8 – 256 X $0.60 = $153.60
Month 9– 512 X $0.60 = $307.20 – not bad, not bad, keep rocking!

Month 10 – 1024 X $0.60 = $614.40
Month 11 – 2048 X $0.60 = $1228.80
Month 12 – 4096 X $0.60 = $2457.60 – I think now you have nothing to complain on

Do you know what is the best part? The best part is this: there is also month 13, month 14 , month 15 …

That is exactly the reason why this kind of business is a better choice than to have a 9-5 J*O*B, there your income is called “salary” and is limited for a 40 years with a very small rise, leaving you with 1/2 or lower after you *retire*

If this is true, why not everyone doing that? There are many reasons for that! Main reason is: they don’t see that that way – you should tell them! School, television, newspapers, your parents, friends, neighbors… they mainly talk about “finding a descent J*O*B” because they are VICTIMS of that SCAMS who limit people’s minds thus limiting their potential income, and joy in life.

Everyone has ability to follow this simple plan. Even w/o much money to do paid advertising, you can advertise on so many FREE ways. Time consuming, but it will not take you 40 years to retire on 1/2 of your usual income. It might take you more than 1 year, maybe 2, 3 or even 4, but once you *retire*as a Diamond Team Leader, you will earn so much more than before!

The Power of ONE can give you everything you wish if you understand it, stick with it, and explain to others how it works”

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You won’t Fail this Biz… you Succeed or you Quit

Posted January 28, 2015 By rjpjrblue

The Role of Patience in Network Marketing

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among folks that call themselves “network marketers”. Somewhere along the line, people are starting to get the expectation that network marketing, whether done online or offline, is a matter of opening an account with some flashy program and then just waiting for the money to come rolling in hand over fist. These are the same people that bounce from one program to another, trying this one, trying that one, and never sticking with any of them long enough to actually learn how to succeed.

They read an article or see a video of someone that seems to be experiencing quick success and think, “I’ll be rich in 30 days! All I have to do is sign up with this ‘guru’!”.

Then, when the riches don’t sweep them out of their living room in 30 to 90 days, they are off looking for another “program”. They blame the company. They blame the compensation plan. They blame their upline. But no matter what company they join, their results are always the same. It’s time to realize that if you have joined opportunity after opportunity and you haven’t succeeded with any of them, the common denominator is YOU!

Listen, there are people out there that are able to generate an income very quickly in network marketing. Companies love to share those stories with us. They’re exciting and they intentionally get us all pumped up.

What you may not be considering is the rest of the story. That person that is now a multimillionaire may have been bankrupt a few years ago. These same people have usually spent a lot of years building a solid reputation, generating their marketing lists, developing their skill sets, working on their own personal development, and establishing their credibility. What you see, now, is that they are able to quickly tap in to a large network that they have probably built over the past several years.

It may have taken them 10 years or more to get to the point that they now seem like an overnight success story.

The problem that I’m seeing comes in to play when a complete rookie signs up for a network marketing company and then thinks they are going to be able to, all-of-a-sudden, start generating wads of cash overnight. They typically have no marketing experience, no list, no credibility, no successful track record and they seem really confused when their bank doesn’t call them to ask what to do with the hundreds of thousands of new dollars that just magically appeared in their bank account.

It’s Time To Wake Up!

Success in network marketing comes down to following a few proven success principles consistently over time.

If you are new to the industry …

If you have never made more than $20,000 – $30,000 a year …

If you have never generated more than a few hundred dollars per month in any business opportunity …

You need to understand that there is going to be some time involved before you should expect to see a ton of money coming in. You’ve got some new things to learn. And that’s OK! The right upline can teach you a proven system to help you reduce the time required to learn but you are absolutely going to have to learn some new things if you want new results in your life!

No matter which company you join (provided you have joined a legitimate company), you are going to need to learn and implement the skills, tools, and techniques being used by the successful people in the industry.

Success can be influenced by things like timing, the right opportunity, a great product, etc…

Ultimately, your success will always come down to YOU making a solid and consistent commitment to take the right actions in the right ways over time.

I have seen people sign up for a network marketing opportunity, give it a month or two and then just quit. They say things like “It just didn’t work for me” or “I gave it my best shot” or “I”m just not cut out for this stuff”. They quit instead of commit to learning what it is they are missing.

I’ve also seen that same person’s downline seem to explode because someone else that was on that same team decided to learn and apply the skills required to succeed! If the person that quit had just been a little more patient and taken the time to learn some new skills, their income would have exploded, too!

Time For Some Truth Talk:

If you are thinking things like, “Well, I’ll give it a try” or “Let’s see what happens” or “I hope this thing works” … you are setting yourself up for failure.

There is plenty of evidence. We have no shortage of stories, testimonials, and documented evidence to indicate that success in network marketing is absolutely possible.

The decision you have to make is whether or not you can commit to doing whatever is necessary to create that sort of success for yourself. That sort of commitment requires a “never quit … no matter what” attitude. Your commitment to yourself and your own success will determine how far you go in this industry.

I’ve seen people with multiple college degrees do well in this industry.

I’ve seen people with no more than an elementary school education level do well in this industry.

I’ve never seen anyone actually fail in this industry. They either succeed or they quit.

Network marketing is the great equalizer. The variable is you. How dedicated are you to your own success? Commit to making it happen.

The results are well worth it!



Sign up FREE!


to our Success


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Hello fellow Bargain Hunters? and Auction Enthusiasts 

Posted December 7, 2014 By rjpjrblue

Hello fellow Bargain Hunters and Auction Enthusiasts! 

The Short answer is you can win name brand Items at rock bottom prices from 77-99% off retail msrp (Most Auctions are won at 90% or more off MSRP) Please Read on for more details about our website:


How would you like to be a member of our growing Auction and garage sales site it is free to join and you can even earn free rewards by becoming a Wave 3 member (right now we are improving that part of our site) and earn credits and points every month for basically nothing!Love garage sales? We’re building the world’s largest ONLINE garage sale!


* Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar

* New items added hourly

* Collectibles and hard-to-find items

* Gadgets and gear available nowhere else

* Crazy-priced closeouts

* Sell your own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!





Love Penny Auctions then you will love Pricebender™ from TripleClicks its a live penny auction where items start at $0.01 cent and go up a penny each time someone places a bid! I have seen items go up for sale and won at a jaw dropping 77-99% off retail prices (most closer to 90-99% off)


Pricebenders™ is a section at that features live “Penny Auctions.”

Pricebenders™ Auctions deliver brand new (and, occasionally, refurbished), brand name merchandise, gift cards, and more at prices that are far below typical retail. In fact, prices start at just $.01 (yes, just one cent!). With each bid received, the price increases by just one cent. The final bidder may then buy the item for the ending price (usually a fraction of the normal retail price).

PriceBender™ Penny Auctions which are live now you can win a LG Electronics 42-Inch LED TVblender, keurig coffee machine, Gold or Silver coins, Men’s or Women’s watches valued at at least $199.00Wireless 5-in-1 Headphones & 50 TCredits, Garmin nüvi 52LM GPS, Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle, Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker & 50 TCredits, Apple iPod touch 16GB 5th Generation, Apple ipad air & Air 2 (silver) with wi-fi 16gb, Apple iPad Mini 3 (space gray), Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch Laptop,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Ninja Blender with Single Serve, Samsung Chromebook, A $50 or $100 Gift Cards to your favorite stores like 

Best Buy, Walmart, SUBWAY, Applebee’s , Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Forever 21, American Eagle, and AMC Theatres. As well as several other new items at the Auctions added every so often





TripleClicks “TCredits” are used for bidding. (They are like E Currency but if not used within 1 year they will expire) TCredits are available in packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, 100 & 125 ( for SFI Members only) and 200…and for as little as $0.29 apiece. Note that TCredits can also be used for selling unwanted items on TripleClicks, purchasing products, downloading music, and more

Once you’ve got your TCredits, you’re ready to start bidding. Be the final bidder and you win the item. It’s that easy!


With Pricebenders™, even when you don’t win the auction, you still win!.. because for every bid placed, you earn 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP)And on the double MRP Auctions you will be awarded 10 MRP per bid placed. MRP’s can be redeemed on tens of thousands of different TripleClicks products and services as well as music downloads.


One Additional thing: Each Pricebenders™ Auction also includes a Pick-The-Price (PTP) contest, in which TC Members can win Free TCredits. The amount of TCredits that can be won by the winners is displayed on the Zackpot “counter”. It is a daily Zackpot, representing entries from today (United States Central Time). Each day’s Zackpot will be be a minimum of 500 TCredits. Each of today’s winners with exact picks will receive five shares of the Zackpot. Each of today’s winners with closest picks will receive one share of the Zackpot that can be used for bidding on future Pricebenders auctions, music downloads, listing no-longer-needed stuff for sale on TripleClicks, purchasing products, and more. It’s only 1 TCredit to enter. Just log in at TripleClicks before the start of each new auction and click Submit the amount you think will be the winning price of any Pricebenders auction shown below.


Pick the exact price (or be the closest if no exact picks) and you’ll win a share of our daily PTP Zackpot (see Official Rules for details) and a nifty badge for your TripleClicks Homepage!


The entrant who FIRST submits the exact, ending price of an auction will be declared the Pick The Price contest winner. If no one predicts the exact ending price, the entrant who first submits the closest prediction will win


PTP Contest Rules:

1. Enter with one TCredit.

2. Entry must be submitted before the auction starts

3. One entry per TripleClicks Member per auction.

4. No purchase necessary to win.

Need a TCredit to enter? You can enter our T-TIME Drawing, where, every hour, we give away 60 FREE TCredits to 30 lucky winners (720 winners each day! Limit 1 win Per Member Per Day)

 OR  purchase TCredits for as little as $.29 each




We now have another way to earn TCredits at TripleClicks and that is with Zebra Games right now we have 7 (Card King, time machine, Knockout Trivia, Gold Streak, TD Tally, Pick or Punt, & Pick The Price) there are many more in the works it costs 1 TCredit to enter  all but T-Time that is FREE. 

Card King

  • Will the next card dealt be higher or lower than the last? Each correct guess earns points.
  • Earn Bonus Points with straights and Sidekicks. Earn instant Bonus Prizes and cool badges, too.
  • Post a top 100 score for the day to win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot.
  • Yesterday’s winners took home 2,298 TCredits!
  • Play free or for as little as one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.






  • FREE TCredits awarded every hour!



  • 1,440 TCredits are awarded to 720 winners every day!



  • No purchase necessary to play or win
  • 1 win per day per membe



Gold Streak

  • Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions and win a share of the daily GS Zackpot.
  • Compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leaderboards and earn cool badges, too.
  • Earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry.
  • Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win!


TD Tally

(on hold till the next Season)

  • Predict how many touchdowns 20 top NFL players will score each week.
  • Finish amongst the top prognosticators to win a share of the weekly TD Tally Zackpot.
  • Compete for the top spots on the NFL leaderboard and earn cool badges, too.
  • Just 1 TCredit to enter each week, no purchase necessary to play or win.

Pick or Punt

(on hold till the next Season)

  • Predict the winner of each NFL game each week.
  • Finish amongst the top prognosticators to win a share of the weekly Pick Or Punt Zackpot.
  • Compete for the top spots on the NFL leaderboard and earn cool badges, too.
  • Play FREE each week, no purchase necessary to win. 


Time Machine


  • Predict the answer to a coming event and win the Time Machine Zackpot.
  • Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
  • Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry!



To be shared with those who guess the correct answer to the trivia question – 

What will the all-time box office rank for the new movie CHAPPIE be on March 31st?  Entry deadline is 12:00 AM CT March 28 2015.


The last Trivia Question generated 707 Winners who shared

The Time Machine’s  23,331 TCredit Zackpot! Then a new contest starts

Knockout Trivia

• Outlast your fellow players in answering trivia questions to win a share of the KO Trivia Zackpot.

  • Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
  • Earn unlimited Member Rewards Points. 
  • 40+ exciting games daily.

Players may play a maximum of 15 Knockout Trivia matches per day, and may win a maximum of 5 matches per day.


Pick The Price

• Predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction (Please post your guess BEFORE the auction commences and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot. 

• Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win. 

• Hundreds of chances to win weekly and no win limits. 

• Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry! 

Happy Bidding and enjoy your visit to our site!!

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Hello Fellow Marketers and friends,

I wanted to give you a break down of all the FREE Benefits SFI has to offer anyone wanting to join my Wonderful Team SFI has been online on the Internet for 17+ Years while our Parent company Carson Services has been in Business of Network Marketing now over 30 Years that My Friends is the reason I Joined SFI –> longevity!

IF A company can be in profit and succeed as well as keeping their members happy that is a key reason I Love SFI.

There are tons of fly by nights that promise you everything,, but lets dig deeper and really take a hard look at this opportunity.


If a Company has had steady growth for 17+ years (30+ for Carson Services), they are doing something right!


If a Site can grow by over 5,000 members a day, people want what they have.


This is the kind of business and site I want to be involved with if you are ready to step up and have a life changing plan then click on my link Below.


Excellent Compensation Plan:

==> 6 ways to Earn a Commission Check EVERY Month

==> Earn Direct Commission From Sales at TripleClicks

==> Earn a Share of ALL Sales at TripleClicks Each Month When you are EA or above

==> Earn From Your Downline Up to 12 Levels Deep

==> Earn From Selling YOUR Products on TripleClicks as an ECA if you have things you are interested in selling internationally!

==> Earn When Others You Refer Sell Products on TripleClicks


No Purchase Requirements. . .EVER!:

==> SFI is Free To Join

==> No Purchase Requirements

==> Only Invest in Your Business What You Can Afford!!


I pay $36.25 it can be as low as $29.00


(You are NOT required to make ANY Purchases it just gets you qualified for Executive Affiliate faster-this Business can be done for FREE!)


 Free Training:

==> Hundreds of Dollars of Free Training Available

==> Get Start Quickly With LaunchPad Training

==> New Training Added All The Time

==> Exclusive Forum For Members To Share Ideas and Provide Help

==> A2A Social Network for Members to Work Together


Free Marketing Tools:

==> Gateway Pages with Your ID Provided So You Can Start Promoting Right Away

==> Free Banners, Text Ads, Classified Ads, Flyers and more!





Honest, Legitimate and Trusted Home Business:

==> Now In Their 17th Year (30th Year for Carson Services Our Parent Company!)

==> Millions of Dollars Paid Out to Affiliates

==> 90,000+ COMMISSION EARNING Products

==> In Over 190 Countries Worldwide

==> Fastest Growing Company of It’s Kind In The World!


It’s a game changer,


just step up to the plate and invest your desire to create a successful online income.


Speaking of games…


Our sister site TripleClicks has quite a few new games to play and more are in the works it is a great way to promote your new business by advertising about them with your referral links to help generate more team sales.


Not to forget to mention we have our PriceBender™ Penny Auctions which are live now you can win a TV, blender, coffee machine, Gold or Silver coins, a Nice Men’s or Women’s Watches (valued at least $199.00), $50 or $100 Gift Cards to your favorite stores like Best Buy, Walmart, SUBWAY, Applebee’s ,Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Forever 21, American Eagle,and AMC Theatres. As well as several other new items at the Auctions added through out the month.


Check out our Auction schedule for more information about dates and times of each Auction.


I am waiting to help you Build YOUR Online Business!


Don’t Wait Another Minute! Join the Number 1 Company of it’s kind Today!


Sign up FREE!



I WILL See you at the TOP!!

Good Luck with all of your Business Ventures

Thanks for Reading this Post.

Robert & Amanda
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May 2014 a good month for team

Posted June 1, 2014 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone that may read my blog I hope your new month has started off right I know mine has. Last month was a good month for advertising I placed quite a few new FREE ads every day and am starting to see results from those ads. I really hope my summer goes by well. I am looking forward to a great upcoming fourth of July weekend with family and friends.My business is still young and growing daily. It will be hard up to 1-5 years if you do not put SOME money ($36.25 a month) into your business either through placing a order at your store (monthly) Placing ads in the local paper or buying into a co-op that will help to build up your team and get you some people in your downline. BUT it is possible to see good results in 6 months or less if you can master free advertising on other blogs and websites I have a friend in SFI his name is Boris he makes a great commission check each and every month I cannot disclose how much, due to our rules and policies. BUT I can say it’s enough to pay ALL his family’s bills and still have extra money left over to do with what he wants too. So why not give me a little of your time in return for some FREE training and 2 FREE websites to bring other people to YOUR new business. Please visit: thanks for reading my blog

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August & September were good months

Posted October 14, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone well August and September were two good months for recruiting new affiliates I sponsored about 20 new members in August and about 15 in September most of them have not done much with their accounts yet but I am hopeful.these two months earnings were a little lower than I would have liked because my sales went down and resulted in a lower commission check. I hope I can find some diamonds in the rough or maybe a few gold nuggets to help spread the wealth around a little more and actually be active within my team. I would like to offer you a proposal to join me and my sister’s team here at SFI and start down the path of success because I have been with SFI now for 1 year and have not made all that much, but I have not put that much into the business yet either, in terms of buying advertising or buying into a sponsored co-op. SO if you are interested in making money online and can log in to an account every day and complete a few tasks(reading and then clicking on a link) as well as advertise your website to other people(I know that it sounds hard but it is really just copy and paste) if you can do that you will be good to go! It will take some time before you can see a profit from this and any other “real” online or offline business be it McDonald’s or a convenient store or even a mom and pop grocery store. It will be hard up to 1-5 years if you do not put SOME money into your business either through placing ads in the local paper or buying into a co-op that will help to build up your team and get you some people in your downline BUT it is possible to see good results in 6 months or less if you can master free advertising on other blogs and websites. So why not give me a little of your time in return for some FREE training and a FREE website to drive other people to. please visit: thanks for reading my blog

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The Month of July was Great!

Posted August 7, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone in the online world this past month has been great my check for june was basically the same as the month before. I need to find other ways to advertise to get some sign ups who will work their business and help themselves first so that they can start earning money like me. But advertising can be easy if you have the right pond to fish in. Right now I am in need of a really great pond to fish in I keep looking for a free pond but as of right now nothing great has panned out. If I keep looking I just know I’ll find where I’m seeking a pond with a lot of fish in it who are eager to work.thanks for following this blog and keep me in mind if you are interested in joining the best online business on the market today we have over 1 million affiliates and that number just keeps growing every day sign up at

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May’s earnings are in!

Posted June 13, 2013 By rjpjrblue

the commissions have run today I have earned a small check for the month of May For about the past 11 months have been low basically because I have not built up my downline enough yet once I continue to build my downline my income will continue to grow and profits will be seen. I hope everyone has had a great month of June so far. I am on track to either meet or beat this last months earnings for June so I hope everyone has a great Weekend and enjoy Fathers day to all dads out in cyberspace!! If you are interested in joining my awesome team feel free to visit either my youtube channel video please go here:

or you can visit my signup page at:

thanks everyone for following my blog sincerely Amanda and Robert

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April commissions are here WOW!

Posted May 12, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone online this past months commissions have been processed my commission was right in line where it should be If I had a larger downline it would of course be bigger but for now I am just happy to make any kind of profit. My team is working hard to make their own paychecks and so should you go to for more information on what sfi is and start earning that residual and leveraged income you have always wanted some work is required but not more than 2 hours a day 7 days a week so little time so much to gain come and join me and my great team now!

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March earnings are up again

Posted April 16, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Hello everyone I just wanted to share a quick message that for the month of March my earnings were up yet again. Another great month due to me and my great team thanks everyone for all of your hard work and solid efforts. Interested in joining me and my great team feel free to check out my sfi home page go to

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11 Reasons Why The SFI Comp Plan Rocks!

Posted March 20, 2013 By rjpjrblue

1. Clean, simple, generous, and fair!
2. No purchase requirements…ever!
3. Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions!
4. Earn up to six different ways: Direct Commissions, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-Sponsor Commissions, TCredits Bonus, ECA Royalties, and SFI Pay-Per-Action!
5. Qualify for EVERY type of compensation with as little as 1500 VP a month!
6. All qualifying VP can be generated with just actions, or combinations of actions and sales!
7. A huge 40% of the Commission Volume (CV) on EVERY sale at goes into the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Share in this big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!
8. With OVER 70000 available products from more than 95 countries, has something for everyone. This makes selling products online both fun and lucrative. And it’s even easier to earn VP with Transfer Buying (buying from the products you already buy elsewhere)!
9. Fast upfront compensation and great long-term residual income potential too!
10. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Go as wide as you want while also earning deep into your organization via the TripleClicks Executive Pool!
11. Get paid in your country’s currency via our Payoneer™ MasterCard or via check, PayPal, or AlertPay.
If you are interested in joining my team please click on the following link thank you

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Our compensation plan

Posted March 20, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Important: To understand the SFI Compensation Plan, you must first understand CV (Commission Volume). Every product at has a CV value. This value is determined by the product’s margin (The difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for). The higher the margin, the higher the CV. A product’s CV is the maximum amount that can be paid out in commissions for that product.


Qualification: Affiliate

Each time an SFI affiliate that you have personally sponsored–OR a TC member that you have personally referred–places an order at, you earn 45% of the CV.
SFI’s Direct Commission program is powerful because once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life!* SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost to you, and pays you a Direct Commission for every order placed by your members and affiliates for life!*

Special Note: For purchases by personally referred TC members, you’ll ALSO earn all the VP** on the order–which can earn you additional shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool!

Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of your personally referred TC members that has $23 CV and 1,725 VP. You earn a $10.35 Direct Commission (45% of $23) and 1,725 shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

TIP: To see the Direct Commission (DC) that you can earn for every SFI product, just log in at The DC (Direct Commission), CSC (Co-Sponsor Commission), EP (Executive Pool), CV (Commission Volume), and VP (VersaPoints) are included in each product’s description.

To start earning Direct Commissions, just start referring TC members and sponsoring SFI affiliates.

2.TripleClicks Executive Pool
Qualification: Executive Affiliate

SFI’s TripleClicks Executive Pool provides a simple, easy, and lucrative income stream that all SFI affiliates can tap into every month. SFI-powered is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce Website in the world, and we now put 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide–into the TripleClicks Executive Pool for our affiliates to share in!
How to share in the pool:
For each VersaPoint (VP) you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s pool. The more VP you score, the more you will earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool! It’s that simple. Note that VP can be earned for doing a wide variety of actions (see VP Ledger for complete list of pointable actions).

    To earn even more shares, become a Team Leader:

A. As a Bronze Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs).

B. As a Silver Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 8 levels (including your CSAs).

C. As a Gold Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 10 levels (including your CSAs).

D. As a Platinum Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 12 levels (including your CSAs).

Matching VP Example: You are an STL (Silver Team Leader). The EA2s (Executive affiliates for their 2nd and continuing months) in your first 8 levels account for a total of 57,500 VP this month, so YOU earn a matching 57,500 shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

Important Qualification Note: To earn matching VP, you must hold the rank of Team Leader, maintain your SFI Leadership Page, and also maintain a minimum 3-star Sponsor Rating (not applicable w/less than 5 ratings).

To earn shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool, just accumulate VP by doing the actions on your SFI To-Do List (earn more by becoming a Team Leader)
S-Builder Co-op can help you increase the number of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares you earn.

3.Co-Sponsor Commissions
Qualification: Executive Affiliate

Each time an SFI affiliate that you are the co-sponsor of places an order at, you earn 15% of the CV.
Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of your co-sponsored SFI affiliates that has $28 CV. You earn a $4.20 Co-Sponsor Commission (15% of $28).

How to acquire CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates):
A. A minimum of TWO (2) CSAs are allotted to you each month you attain the rank of EA (minimum 1500 VP)—available on or about the 12th of each month.

B. You can win CSAs in the Daily Grand contest.

C. CSAs can be won via Pricebenders Auctions. See schedule for upcoming CSA auctions HERE.

D. CSAs can be won each day in the Entrepreneur365 Finalist drawing.

E. Every month, thousands of Co-Sponsored Affiliates are forfeited and need a NEW co-sponsor. Become a Team Leader and a share of all of these forfeited Co-Sponsored Affiliates will be automatically added to your team, with YOU as their new co-sponsor!

• Receive 1 share if you’re a Bronze Team Leader
• Receive 2 shares if you’re a Silver Team Leader
• Receive 3 shares if you’re a Gold Team Leader
• Receive 4 shares if you’re a Platinum Team Leader

Important Note: You must maintain EA (Executive Affiliate2) status to retain any CSAs you have been assigned. If you lose your EA status, you immediately forfeit ALL CSAs you’ve acquired to date.

TIP: To see the Co-Sponsor Commission (CSC) that you can earn for every SFI product, just log in at The CSC (Co-Sponsor Commission), DC (Direct Commission), EP (Executive Pool), CV (Commission Volume), and VP (VersaPoints) are included in each product’s description.

4.TCredit Bonus
Qualification: EA2 (minimum second month as Executive Affiliate)

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks membership benefits and can also be used in many ways to build your SFI business. A single TCredit sells for $1.99, but you can receive, as part of your compensation as an SFI affiliate, up to 20 TCredits FREE every month! To learn about all the things you can do with TCredits, click HERE.
• Receive 10 TCredits if you’re an EA2
• Receive 12 TCredits if you’re a Bronze Team Leader
• Receive 14 TCredits if you’re a Silver Team Leader
• Receive 16 TCredits if you’re a Gold Team Leader
• Receive 20 TCredits if you’re a Platinum Team Leader

5.ECA Referral Program
Qualification: Executive Affiliate

Make referrals to the TripleClicks E-Commerce Associate (ECA) Program and earn VersaPoints and lucrative royalties for life!
Simply refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway. For each that becomes an approved ECA, you’ll earn 10% of the CV on all of their sales at Plus, you’ll earn an immediate 100 VP when your ECA lists their first product.

The ECA referral program is very powerful because all you have to do is introduce an ECA to TripleClicks and you’re all set to earn royalties for life! Every time anyone—anywhere in the world—buys something at TripleClicks from one of your referred ECAs, you earn a royalty!

Earnings Example: The total CV for all of your referred ECAs is $20,000. You earn $2000 in ECA Royalties this month (10% of $20,000).

Tip #1: Buy from your own referred ECAs and receive “rebates” on your purchases.

Tip #2: Refer customers to your ECA’s “store within a store” TConnect Websites. With the combination of Direct Commissions and ECA Royalties, you can earn a handsome 55% of the CV on any sales generated!

6.SFI Pay-Per-Action
Supplemental Income Program
Qualification: Affiliate

SFI Pay-Per-Action (SFIPPA) is an optional, supplemental income program available to all SFI affiliates that allows you to act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms.
Each time you generate a qualified SFIPPA action, you earn a bounty. The amount of the bounty varies depending on the action. Two SFIPPAs are currently available (with more in the works):

Bounty: Up to $12 for each qualified sign-up

Bounty: Up to $5 for each qualified sign-up

* You can continue to earn commissions so long as you remain an active SFI affiliate.
** To qualify for VP, sale must be to a non-SFI affiliate and person who does not reside at seller’s same address.
if you are interested in joining my great team please click on this link it is worth the look thanks

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an excellent month for February earnings

Posted March 12, 2013 By rjpjrblue

this last month I earned a great check that was an awesome month thanks to my great team. My downline is doing a great job. Keep up the great work all team members thanks for all of your efforts For anyone interested in earning a leveraged and residual income please visit

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January was a good month for me!

Posted February 22, 2013 By rjpjrblue

Hello online world for the month of January I made a decent check I know that I’m not making much but I have only been with SFI going on 6 months now and I am just starting to build my network of team members. I want to thank my team for their hard work and dedication these few months. as my team grows, I grow as well, with their knowledge and abilities they bring to SFI we will be a force to recognize. As we move up in our leadership roles so will our earnings. My personal goal is to earn over $100,000 a year with SFI it is possible but I will need a very large and active team. One can only hope for the best and seek the rewards they desire with due diligence and a little luck I will be on my way. Have a great month everyone talk to you soon

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December another great month!

Posted January 1, 2013 By rjpjrblue

For the month of December I achieved bronze team leader thanks to me and my great team! My commissions for November were higher than the month before not bad for the 3rd month in SFI! I’ll need to get a larger downline to increase it even more thanks for viewing this blog Click here if you would like to join my team and get your own business and make your own money.

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Silver Team Leader Status

Posted November 3, 2012 By rjpjrblue

Finally I’ve made it to silver team leader for the month of November I am working on keeping at least ea status this month I don’t have much extra spending money this month due to my lose of my 9-5 job but who knows I hope to find a regular 9-5 job soon to help me with my bills thanks visit my website at for more information on SFI

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sales are up

Posted November 3, 2012 By rjpjrblue

so far for the month of October i have earned over 4000 vp i’m on my way to making a great income from this company last month for the four days i was a member i earned 0.99 cents thats not bad for what I did on the website .  I devote about 3 hours a day advertising ang posting ads for free you can too join me at Its free to join your under no obligation to buy anything though its recommended to buy a few things each month to further your business  to our success sincerely rjpjrblue

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Retired? Unemployed? Underemployed? Laid-Off, or Insufficient Income? Start your own Internet business from home. Build residual and leveraged income to create real wealth. World Wide Income System that REALLY WORKS! All it needs is you. FREE Training and support, websites and products all provided! – ZERO RISK!
With this business it takes several months to a year or more of work to achieve a strong residual income for the lifestyle of your choosing some of our high achievers can earn over 100,000 a year here’s the breakdown:

A : How many of your personally sponsored affiliates do you think will become Executive Affiliates (min. 1,500 VersaPoints) each month? 10. conservatively

B. How many affiliates sponsored by the affiliates in your group do you think will become Executive Affiliates each month?4 conservatively

C: Based on the information you entered, your estimated commissions will be:

$270.30 per month after 6 months ($3,243.60/yr)
$2,441.10 per month after 12 months ($29,293.20/yr)
$5,216.70 per month after 18 months ($62,600.40/yr)
$9,029.10 per month after 24 months ($108,349.20/yr)


1. This is an estimate only! Your actual results will depend on you.

2. Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate (EA) of $20. It is assumed you start as and maintain EA (min. 1,500 VersaPoints) status for yourself.

3. You will likely have some attrition (EAs not meeting the min. 1,500 point EA qualifications) each month. To get an idea of how attrition would affect your commissions, do an estimate that takes attrition into account. For example, if you think that 25% of your EAs will drop below the EA level, instead of basing an estimate on 4 personally sponsored EAs per month, use 3 per month.

4. Additional income can be earned through ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

Go to for all the details

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