How to Earn $$$ every month with SFI

Hello Team and fellow Entrepreneurs,

I once was told by a good  friend that if you were to buy say 10 individual TCredits for $18.90 on a standing order and you can get 10 of your team members to do the same you will have a $58* commission and 1,020 VP and if you are active in doing your daily to do list every day through out the month you will have 1495 (for 28 days) you will need to use 5 TCredits to make up the 29th day, 1506 VP (29 days), 1,517 VP for the month (30 days), or 1528 VP (31 days) you see for less than $20 a month you are earning a minimum of $58* per month you would then become EA2 every month and earn more commissions think if all of your team members would spend that $20 every month so for minimal work you would receive great rewards depending on how deep your team goes.

NOW Lets Say also if you were able to get 15 people not 10 (which is $87* commission over ride on the sale of those 10 individual TCredits) to join YOUR Business since they are now EA2 every month would also give you 1,500 free Matching VP

Matching VP is given to you at the time commissions are paid out and NOT added to your own VP balance BUT for every PSA on YOUR team who is EA2 or higher you WILL EARN 100 or more VP on your own VP Ledger

So in total you would have 1,020 VP from your purchases + 1,500 VP from your team reaching EA2+497 VP for doing your daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists = 3,017 VP making you qualified for Bronze Team Leader and the matching VP bonus at the end of the month AND 1 share in second home CSA’s (they are CSA’s who because their original co-sponsor failed to keep EA2 that month and they were reassigned to those who were Team Leaders 1 share for BTL, 2 for STL, 3 for GTL, and 4 shares for PTL.

Sometimes I got active CSA’s other times they were inactive and it’s our job as Team Leaders to try to bring them around and become active in SFI again sometimes it helps other times they just stay inactive it depends on what motivates them. I try to make sure I include ALL of my team in any messages I send out active or not just to keep them in the loop of what is going on in SFI and what they can do to reach their goals they have in life and with the reasons they joined us here at SFI.

So just imagine how many VP you could earn at the end of the month when commissions are paid out on the 10th so on average if you had JUST your 1st generation ONLY maintains EA2 you would receive 1,500 VP per Executive Affiliate

So for your 15 team members that’s 22,500 bonus VP combined with your 3,017 VP is 25,517 VP equaling about $12.76 + the $87 =$99.76* so minus the $18.90 you paid for your 10 TCredits would give you a $80.86* profit each and every month. this does not include profits from your CSA’s considering you would be getting anywhere from 20-100 new CSA’s per month due to your now new position of BTL and if you have them purchase 10 individual TCredits per month @ $28.50* per month at a conservative rate of only 15 CSA affiliates taking you up on your offer your total commission for each month would be $109.36 so for your less than $20 investment in your SFI Business you could be earning a nice commission check each month the total commission for 1 year would be $1,312.32* for your first year assuming you only sponsor 15 EA2‘s

If you were to do this every month so for your first year your total sponsored EA2‘s would be 180 EA2‘s. After that 1st year you would be receiving 18,000 VP just for them being EA2 making you qualify for Platinum Team Leader and 270,000 VP per month just in matching VP and your own 1,517 VP (30 day month) for a total of 289,517 VP earning you $144.75 from VP and  $1,072.50* from sales equals $1,217.25* per month after your first year in SFI.

Think about it for a minute… if your team grew to your 2nd through 12th level in your downline, your matching VP could be in the MILLIONS! I know an A2A friend who is now above the 2 MILLION matching VP level.

Now that you are Platinum Team Leader you will get 4 Shares of Second Home CSA’s giving you anywhere from about 100-400 new CSA Team members per month to earn commissions from. And you will be earning matching VP on ALL 12 levels of your downline Team

If you can sponsor even 5 EA2‘s every month either through free ad sites or paid advertising or co-op’s it will pay off in the long run it just takes time to build your Team of Affiliates who will be willing to build THEIR Business in return helping Build YOUR Business.

The longer you are ACTIVE with us  here at SFI the more YOUR Team will Grow!

If you cannot afford to spend the $20 per month right now I recommend starting with 1 TCredit for $1.89 then slowly add more and more TCredits till you reach 10 individual TCredits earning you EA2 status. As you sponsor more and more Affiliates teach them this method and you will succeed. SFI is here to stay they are NOT going anywhere but UP and more popular as our program gets more and more exposure on different ad sites and in local newspapers through out the world.  Keep up your efforts and you will succeed it just takes time, patience, and persistence and if you keep logging in daily and are Active in YOUR business you will survive your first year, which will be your hardest year We survived and so can you!!

I am waiting to help you Build YOUR Online Business!

Don’t Wait Another Minute! Sign Up For SFI Today!

I WILL See you at the TOP!!

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Robert & Amanda

* these figures are estimates based on IF you are Active in YOUR Business and IF your PSA’s and CSA’s are also Active. I myself am looking for people who are NOT Afraid to spend A LITTLE money on THEIR Own Business to help themselves reach their personal Goals in life.

This is one way I have Learned How to be a Success With SFI!! There are several ways to become one of the Great SFI Affiliates

And if you are reading this and do not want to spend the $20 you DO NOT have to, this is a FREE Program ANYONE can join and I will support you as well irregardless. I know budgets can be tight (I live on a shoestring budget myself) It just speeds things up a little bit that’s all!

Please see my other Post about How to Use TCredits in our Price Bender Penny Auctions or any of our Games at TripleClicks it is titled Hello fellow Bargain Hunters? and Auction Enthusiasts

VP aka VersaPoints are how our Company Tracks every Team Members Progress through the different Levels of Earnings there are Affiliate, Executive Affiliate, Executive Affiliate for the 2nd month and beyond (or EA2), Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, and the highest level Platinum Team Leader.

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