The Endless Possibilities of Autoresponder Marketing

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There seems to be an almost infinite number of ways that you can achieve Email Marketing Success. Some methods have proved more effective than others, but several of them are extremely doable. There is no reason to feel trapped into a specific use for your auto responder If are not happy with the methods that you are using so far, there is no reason that you can’t modify your Email Marketing strategy.


One of the first big breakthroughs in Email Marketing was using the first few weeks of content as an e-course. This strategy is often used so that you do not have to create a free e-book, or free report, to get someone to sign up for your list. Instead, you tell them to sign up for your free e-course. Then for the first series of emails, they will receive brief emails on the selected topic. E-courses are an excellent alternative to creating other free promotional items that can be more time-intensive, such as e-books. Once the e-course is complete, the readers should already have granted you some credibility as a reliable resource. Once the e-course is completed, you can go back to regular email marketing methods.


Weekly and monthly newsletters have become a common Email Marketing Technique. The key is to make sure that content is always up to date. Newsletters are a great way to not only keep your readers informed, but is also a great way to add a lot of content to every message, without overwhelming your readers. Since you are only sending them emails once a week, filling each message with content will seem more appropriate. Additionally, using the newsletter theme, adding a single banner or two or a text advertisement is also an widely accepted practice.

Traffic Generator

This technique is not seen as often as many others, but it has consistently proven to be effective. With this strategy, every email is a short overview paragraph of a webpage or blog post that you have on your website. The short overview should pique the readers interest and give them a reason to click on the link to your website. If this is done effectively, you can gain a number of advantages. The first, since they will now be looking at your website, seeing advertisements is to be expected. The second advantage is that they will be much more likely to explore other pages or posts on your site.

Finally, with this boost in traffic numbers, you will be able to sell your ad space for more and your website will appear to be much more popular than it would without this additional source of traffic.

The Minimalist Approach

The minimalist approach to Email Marketing is to load the Autoresponder with only a small amount of content, such as an e-course. This content is used as a way to introduce yourself to your readers and prove to them that you have content that is of value to offer them. Once all of this content has been sent, you will actually be emailing your entire list in real-time. This ensures that your content is always fresh and relevant, however it takes more time and effort than simply prefilling your Autoresponder with  content.

There are a number of other Email Marketing strategies as well, but these four are often considered to be among the most effective as well as the most popular. Regardless of what strategy you choose, it is important that you are comfortable with it, and that it achieves the goals that you set for it.

Autoresponders are a powerful tool to help you build your lists and move your prospects through your sales funnel. If your are not using an Autoresponder in your online marketing strategies, I highly recommend you get started today. Once you see how effective autoresponders can be, you will wonder how you got along without them in the first place.


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