Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Friends I hope that this message finds you well. I just wanted to Thank you for sharing a moment of your time with me today. 

In this article we are going to discuss now that you Have Joined
An Affiliate Program – What Now?
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There is no doubt one problem Affiliate Marketers have is that they join multiple programs and never follow through after that. To make money as an Affiliate Marketer you have to follow several steps to become Successful at Affiliate Network Marketing. It takes time to Grow YOUR Business. There is NO Instant Success, it is Earned with time and Patience, as well as Practice! We all make mistakes along the way. It is how we get better at Networking with other like minded individuals, like  you and me.   In this article let’s take a look at what you should be doing after you join an Affiliate Marketing Program.   1. The first thing you want to do is write down your goals with this Affiliate Program. Depending on the amount of time that you have to put into YOUR Affiliate Business you need to set realistic goals based on that.   Most Affiliate Marketers join a program to make money, but initially your goal might be something simple like get 100 visitors a day to your website.   2. Once you have a goal for the program that you joined you are going to need to find a product to sell. Most Affiliate Programs offer various categories you can choose products to sell from. Your main objective here is to choose a product that is in demand and one that interest you. We currently have over 80,000 different commission earning items for sale at our TripleClicks Store   3. Your next step is extremely important! You need to create a website that will specifically address the Affiliate Product you chose to market.   This website doesn’t have to be very many pages long, but it should be very precise as to why a person would want to buy this product from you. You will increase your odds of creating a good website if you purchase the product first.   4. One thing you definitely want to have on your website is a sign up form to build a mailing list. For this reason you’ll need to join an auto responder where you can store your contact information of your visitors.  

If you don’t want to build a website you can hire someone to do it for you. There are many people who freelance different things on the Internet and you can Google search to find someone to build your site.

5. Next you should start your own blog as it relates to the theme of your website. is an easy way to start a blog and Blogger offers free versions too.   Your goal with your blog is to add fresh content that will attract readers as well and serve as search engine bait. Your blog is also an excellent place to add a sign-up form to your autoresponder and build your list for future follow up.   6. The final step is to put together a marketing campaign to promote your Affiliate products. You will want to promote your website and your blog independently.   This is six steps you will take to get your Affiliate business off the ground.  


Understand that running an Internet business is a

marathon and NOT A SPRINT ! 

Many people get impatient and give up too quickly

when not getting the results that they want. 


If you acknowledge that you are in this for the long haul 


you will make better decisions and enjoy your success

more once you do achieve it.




Never Give Up!

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