May 2014 a good month for team

Hello everyone that may read my blog I hope your new month has started off right I know mine has. Last month was a good month for advertising I placed quite a few new FREE ads every day and am starting to see results from those ads. I really hope my summer goes by well. I am looking forward to a great upcoming fourth of July weekend with family and friends.My business is still young and growing daily. It will be hard up to 1-5 years if you do not put SOME money ($36.25 a month) into your business either through placing a order at your store (monthly) Placing ads in the local paper or buying into a co-op that will help to build up your team and get you some people in your downline. BUT it is possible to see good results in 6 months or less if you can master free advertising on other blogs and websites I have a friend in SFI his name is Boris he makes a great commission check each and every month I cannot disclose how much, due to our rules and policies. BUT I can say it’s enough to pay ALL his family’s bills and still have extra money left over to do with what he wants too. So why not give me a little of your time in return for some FREE training and 2 FREE websites to bring other people to YOUR new business. Please visit: thanks for reading my blog

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