August & September were good months

Hello everyone well August and September were two good months for recruiting new affiliates I sponsored about 20 new members in August and about 15 in September most of them have not done much with their accounts yet but I am hopeful.these two months earnings were a little lower than I would have liked because my sales went down and resulted in a lower commission check. I hope I can find some diamonds in the rough or maybe a few gold nuggets to help spread the wealth around a little more and actually be active within my team. I would like to offer you a proposal to join me and my sister’s team here at SFI and start down the path of success because I have been with SFI now for 1 year and have not made all that much, but I have not put that much into the business yet either, in terms of buying advertising or buying into a sponsored co-op. SO if you are interested in making money online and can log in to an account every day and complete a few tasks(reading and then clicking on a link) as well as advertise your website to other people(I know that it sounds hard but it is really just copy and paste) if you can do that you will be good to go! It will take some time before you can see a profit from this and any other “real” online or offline business be it McDonald’s or a convenient store or even a mom and pop grocery store. It will be hard up to 1-5 years if you do not put SOME money into your business either through placing ads in the local paper or buying into a co-op that will help to build up your team and get you some people in your downline BUT it is possible to see good results in 6 months or less if you can master free advertising on other blogs and websites. So why not give me a little of your time in return for some FREE training and a FREE website to drive other people to. please visit: thanks for reading my blog

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